Tamil Tv Serial Shirdi Jai Sairam



Shirdi Jai SaiRam is Tamil TV serial getting aired in Captain TV from Monday to Friday by 7 PM. It's a dubbed version of the Telugu serial with the same name that's telecast in Zee Telugu. The serial showcases the life history of the Saint Sai Baba.

Sai Baba is one of the most popular saints that India has ever produced. Like Buddha, he didn't have any likes in the real life things and he always insisted on the self-realization of a person. His teachings are combines ideas both from Islam and Hinduism. Some devotees call him as a fakir and some call him as an avatar. His original name or his religion was uncertain. Nobody knows whether he was a Muslim or a Hindu. His life stretches roughly from 1838 to the year of 1918. It's believed that his birth place was in Maharashtra. He used to stay in the surroundings of forest situated in Babul and meditate for long hours. The name as we call him now, Sai got into use when a priest called him as 'Ya Sai' to welcome him. From then on the name stuck with him along with Shirdi which is the name of the place he stayed in. He preferred sitting under a neem tree in Shirdi for meditating. With the people's approval, he took a dilapidated mosque in the locality for staying and meditating. Viboothi (sacred ash) that he gave to his devotees cured the sick people. The serial talks about his sainthood, his teachings that combined both Islam and Hinduism, his teachings and the miracles that happened in his life.

Another story of this serial...

Shirdi Jai Sairam is a Tamil spiritual drama television serial that revolves around the life of the famous saint, Sheeradi Jai Sairam. The serial was broadcasted on Gemini TV channel under the direction of Raghu. The art director of the show has created a set with a Shirdi Village replica at the extensive area in Ramapuram, a district of Chennai. Some scenes were shot at Shirdi, Tenali, Nasik and also in Triambakeswar. The serial was also broadcasted on other channels. The Tamil version was aired on Captain TV and the Telugu version on Zee Telugu TV. 

Thee casts of the show includes Rajkumar (played as Nanavali), Suman (played as Chand Bhai who found out that Baba has a power), Suthi Velu (played as Mahalsapathi), Manorama (played as the woman who first recognized the enormity of Baba), Vinod (played as a villain and later become a devotee), Vijay Babu (played as Shama), Vijaya Kutty (played as Bayaji Bai), Srinivas Reddy (played as Saibaba) and Tanguturi Ramakrishna (played as Kathya Patel).

Nobody knows the real name of Sai Baba, not even his birthday or the place where he came from. He was given the name Sai when he first came to the village of Shirdi, a city from the West India in the district of Maharashtra. The temple priest, Mahalsapati identifies him as a Muslim saint. He welcomed him and said, ‘Ya Sai’ which means, Welcome Sai. The terms Sai and Sayi are Persian terms used for Sufi Saints (Poor One) and Baba means an old man or a father and grandfather.

Sai Baba becomes a famous saint most especially in India. He was also worshipped by many people all around the world. His main and only concern was just self-realization. Sai Baba taught the people about the proper code of love, pardon, kindness, gratification, inner peace and commitment to the Lord and Guru. He doesn’t have any distinctions on religion or the class of people. He teaches Hinduism and Islam. The serial presented the people who have become Sai Baba’s disciples like Mahalsapathi and the people with whom he encountered all through his life’s journey.

The story of Sai Baba was brought in a television serial format. It features the importance of Sai Baba’s teachings and life history. The big and small screen actors and actresses have joined together to performed in an extraordinary show. Sai Baba is truly a symbol and the principle of all the religions.