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RUDHRAVEENAI Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Rudhraveenai is a suspense thriller based on the mythical story about a muslim saint called Baba who lived in the 18th century. He was a wanderer who roamed from one place to another with the powerful and mysterious rudhraveenai, a string instrument. He made godly acts on his journey by playing various ragas in the rudhraveenai which resulted in supernatural incidents. Before his death, Baba predicts the arrival of reincarnation of Lord Shiva in the 21st century and will make him known to this world by performing supernatural and mystic acts by playing the divine Rudhraveena.

Thodipuram is a small religious and spiritual village which awaits the arrival of Rudhran and Baba is a legacy in this tinsel village. The plot thickens when the bad guys try to steal the Rudhraveenai from a haunted palace called Rani Bungalow and try to find out the Rudhran. The strong screenplay with unexpected turns with the unexplainable mystic music played in each episode gave the viewers a nail biting experience. Every episode starts with an incident in the life of Baba followed by the present year. This thriller drama was written by the famous writer of supernatural and horror fictions Indhra sowndharajan and was directed by Rakesh Sinha. It was produced by Radhika’s Raadan Media works. Actor Y.Gee.Mahendran, Shylaja, Bala Singh and Chethan played the important roles. It was telecasted in Sun TV and was completed in the year 2000. It was a top rated series at primetime and was also telecasted in Malayalam.

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Rudhraveenai is a well-known Tamil serial directed by Naga, who is profoundly known for his works that included Marmadesam and Chidambaram Rahasiyam. Also, it is produced by famous RADIAN Company. He also directed a supernatural movie called Anandhapurathu Veedu which was a commercial success at the box office. This supernatural serial is believed to be an adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Indira Soudarrajan. The story set in a village in Thodipuram revolves around the mysterious and Rani Bungalow. It is about the Rudhraveenai, which is an ancient Indian classical musical instrument of Lord Shiva who used this holy instrument to please Parvathi.

This Veena is said to have super powers that can aid people when used discreetly. It is passed on from the Gods to the humans. Sometimes, after many generations, the Veena was passed on to a Muslim saint Baba. Baba prophesizes that Lord Shiva would reincarnate, who will announce his arrival by playing the Veena. Strange things happen like people of the village hearing the sounds of Veena from the deserted bungalow. So this person called Narasimha Bharathi, an ardent devotee of Goddess Amman learns about the mysteries of this Thondipuram Rani Bungalow and decides to visit the village. Narasimha Bharathi decides to unravel the mysteries of this haunted bungalow but instead realizes that whoever goes near gets injured or harmed.

Moreover, there are two rivalry groups in the village for almost four decades due to the problems caused in a temple in Thondipuram. So both the groups believe that the solution to this altercation and mysterious things happening in their village is to go searching for the Veena, which is worth crores and much more. Also, the Narasimha Bharathi goes in search of this instrument of Almighty. Even if they find, they cannot touch the Veena. Only Rudra, i.e., the reincarnation of Lord Shiva, can touch. Who will get the instrument first? Who is Rudra? Will Narasimha Bharathi succeed in his mission? Will all the supernatural things happen in Thondipuram village stop when Rudra returns?