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Reporter Tamil Tv serials on Doordarshan

The Reporter is a Tamil television series. The series is based on the U.S. television series called The Newsroom. It began to be aired from September, of the year 2015 and continued up till twenty episodes. The serial is the dubbed version of the original series of the same name which used to premiere on the national channel Sony TV. The story of this show is focused on two different journalists working together. The female lead protagonist in the story is a junior journalist who works at a popular news channel called KKN. Her character is named Ananya. To her opposite, the male lead protagonist is a very famous journalist named Kabir who joins the channel of KKN as their chief editor. Kabir used to work for a twin city second tier journal and newspaper before getting to this job. Upon his arrival, he decides to bring up a new show in the channel’s list of programs.

Eventually, the show becomes the highest viewed piece in the entire channel, which makes Kabir a success in the channel. Meanwhile, Ananya brings Kabir an article that had been working on for years. The basis of the article was written and constructed by Kabir a few years ago. The article that he wrote was in defence of Mr Kashyap, who was, in reality, Ananya’s father. The motto of the article was to defend Mr Kashyap against the allegations made by the pharmaceutical company which was corrupted. It was this article that inspired Ananya to aspire to become a journalist.

The entire story changes when the article gets published. There are certain forces which stand accused in this article and who are heartbroken with the editor’s portrayal of them. One of these people is Bagchi Madhurnath. One day, the news channel gets a call and confirmation from him that he wanted to get interviewed. Ananya voluntarily takes up the role of the interviewer and decides to go alone to interrogate this man. Kabir recognises the danger in such an interview and accompanies Ananya to the job. While on their way, they both get abducted by Bagchi’s goons.

For the time being, they are incarcerated, and they start planning an escape. Eventually, Kabir breaks through the incarceration with his wit and both of them run away. Both of them get chased into the forest, where Kabir and Ananya hide for a while before the goons are arrested by the patrolling police. Soon after, the goons get caught, and one of them agrees to speak out the details about Bagchi’s operations. This interview on the Kabir’s new show gains a lot of credits and makes KKN proud.