Tamil Tv Serial Paava Mannippu

Paava Mannippu Tamil Tv serials on Zee tamil
Paava Mannipu is a Tamizh TV serial that is aired on Zee Tamizh Network from Monday to Friday from 7.30pm to 8pm. The first episode was aired on 10th February 2014. Ka. Bharath is the serial’s director. Sivaji Productions produced the serial. The serial actors are Santhoshi, Nithya, Sairam and Achamillai Gopi Achamillai Gopi, also known as Gopalakrishnan is a >> Read More... . The entire story is all about punishment and criminal activities. It also involves hatred, love, failure and success. Last but not the least the serial is also about life and death. Jagadish is a famous businessperson in the city who is very responsible and a big shot who is very famous. He has one beautiful daughter and her name is Bala (performed by Santhoshi).

Bala’s mother died when she was young and she feels so much for it. Hence, she is brought up by her father like a boy. Jagadish shares a lovable bond with her daughter Bala and he is very much attached to Bala. Jagadish’s company has a MD and his name is Dhana Raj. He is a family friend to Jagadish. Dhana Raj has a son by name Prem and he wants Prem to marry Bala. However, Sudesh, who is another rich person, also loves Bala. However, Bala is not interested in either Sudesh or Prem. As things go on smoothly, Jagadish suddenly confesses that he has done a sin and their property is not theirs and someone else’s. On hearing, this Bala is very much shocked. Now Jagadish goes away and is missing. Therefore, Bala is heavily burdened financially and also has to take care of the family business and has to find the next heir to their big property. During this process, she falls in love and is facing lot of difficulties. How Bala fights problems and whom she marries in the end and whether or not she finds an heir to their property is the remaining part of the story. The serial highlights Bala as a mature woman who is very tough outside, but really a soft and kindhearted woman from inside. Bala is also a very emotional and sensitive to personal issues.