Tamil Tv Serial Mel Maadi Gaali

Mel Maadi Gaali Tamil Tv serials on Dd national

Mel Maadi Gaali is an Indian sitcom television series aired on the DD Podhigai TV channel. Mel Maadi Gaali is the favorite serial for the kids and the aged. N.Krishnaswamy directed this series. It stars Sachu, Vivek and Vasuki in the lead roles. The story revolves around a stingy person who even refuses to eat to save money. Vasuki as Anu, the daughter of Bungalow Paramasivam, and Vivek as Deva plays the lead role in the serial. 

Deva is in love with Anu, who goes daily to type-writing class. Parvathy is the wife of Bungalow Paramasivam, as well as the mother of Anu. Parvathy is always worried about her husband's stingy behavior. An upper block in Paramasivam's house is to let. Deva is a wealthy man, but he becomes the tenant to him to develop his love. However, Anu does not love him. Deva slowly changes Anu's heart and make her love him. Initially, Paramasivam did not accept their love, as he does not want his daughter to marry a tenant. But, when he comes to know about Deva that he is a wealthy man, he arranges for his daughter’s wedding with Deva.

After their marriage, Paramasivam becomes so stingy that he even does not eat well to compensate for the expenses of his daughter's wedding ceremony. Parvathy seeks the help of her son-in-law, Deva, to change Paramasivam. Deva arranges for a man, who disguises as Godman. Godman comes to Paramasivam’s house and tells him that he will die within a month. He also tells Paramasivam that he had to spend the money in a good way to save himself from being dead. So, he starts spending generously on good deeds. He also gives money to the poor and needy. His stinginess slowly becomes generosity. Later, he realizes that all this was the play done by his son-in-law and the Godman..