Tamil Tv Serial Mahalakshmi-Tamil



Mahalakshmi-Tamil is the serial currently been telecasted on Kalaignar TV, since 2010 January, film actress Lakshmi acts in the lead role. Mahalakshmi is the story about the family of ASP Rajashekar and Dr. Mahalakshmi and their 4 children. They live in Ooty. Ishwary is the wealthy owner of “Ponmalai Estate” in Ooty, her brother Madhu falls in love with Mahalakshmi’s daughter Ramya, but Ramya rejects his proposal. Madhu asks his sister to come with him to Mahalakshmi’s house and talk to the mother and daughter and convince Ramya to marry him. They go to Mahalakshmi’s house, but Ramya is very firm on her decision not to marry Madhu. Felling embraced, Madhu tries to kill Ramya, (On another day) but in the struggle, Ramya kills Madhu. Ramya’s father is an ASP; he investigates and finds out that Ramya has killed Madhu, but their family car driver surrenders to the police, she says that he is the one who killed Madhu. Meanwhile, Mahalaxmi, with her family shifts from Ooty to Chennai, where she meets her friend Saraswati after a long period! The story revolves around these three families.

Mahalakshmi is currently being telecasted on Kalaignar TV, Monday to Friday between 11:30 to 12:00 noon.