Tamil Tv Serial Arase (Arasi)

Arase (Arasi) Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Arasi’, was another mega-hit tele-serial from the production of Raadhika Sarathkumar’s Radaan Media works. Arasi was a sequel to a tele-drama named- Selvi, produced by the same producer. Exclusive to the Sun TV network, a major Tamil Satellite channel, Radaan Mediaworks has steadily capitalised the ‘prime time’ slot for decades. This position has been the cause for Radaan to churn out the best of stories, capturing audiences to the idiot box. Radhika Sarathkumar, is the driving force behind the series, around which the entire story and the star cast revolves. Being a towering personality, she portrays two characters, both contrasting with each other.

Here she plays the role of a powerful cop – Senthamizh Arasi, who is married to a judge played by Sivachandran – of cinefame. The story was presented in total span of 700 short episodes, and revolves around its predecessor serial’s pivotal character – Selvi (also featuring Raadhika in the lead). Arasi, the biological mother of Selvi, has not openly been acknowledged by either of the two and has to go through a lot of situations, in every level of her life, to bridge together her family members – ones before her marriage and the other after her marriage.

In the process, Arasi faces many of the hurdles posed by the negative characters like, Malavika Avinash, Sudha Chandran, Bablu (in a Feminine role as Ganga) in her official status (as a Senior Cop). Others who are e against Arasi’s daughter, Selvi and Selvi’s husband, Venu Aravind (called as GJ) are Subbu Panchu as Nallathambi (son of producer Panchu Arunachalam), M S Bhaskar, Ajay Rathnam (as Vishwanathan) etc.. Noted dialogue writer Liyakath Ali also played an important role. ' Samuthirakani', who was a sensation on the large screen as an artist, director and producer in his later years, is the Director of this blockbuster tele-drama for almost 500 episodes after which, it was directed by Balaji R.Yadav. Apparently, Samuthirakani also plays an undercover cop named “Chinna Thambi”.

The theme music was given by Kiran. The serial was aired on the beginning of the year 2007 and went on till the end of 2009. It was also dubbed in Telugu as “ Jhansi” and was equally successful. Raadhika Sarathkumar (who played the dual roles-Senthamizh Arasi and Selvi): is an award winning actress, producer and an entrepreneur. She started her career in acting in the year of 1978. She is the daughter of a yesteryear actor M.R.Radha and sister of Raju Radha, Mohan Radha and Nirosha. Raadhika though, has done many roles in films and televisions, she is always remembered as “ Chithi”, her first tele-serial, which was aired successfully for more than 450 episodes. She is married to Sarath Kumar, an actor and also President of Nadigar Sangam. She has a daughter Rayane Raadhika and son Rahul Sarathkumar. Babloo Prithveeraj (as Ganga)Started his career as a child artist , Babloo Prithviraj popularly known in the industry as Babloo. He is an actor and a Television Anchor.Babloo, who has done negative roles in a few films , he is also a dancerand has been a Judge in some of the reality showsBabloo is currently anchoring a reality tv show and also acting in tele-serials including the one which is currently on air by Radaan group.

Subbu Panchu (as Nallathambi):Arunachalam Subramaniam popularly known as “Subbu Panchu” is the son of a popular producer Panchu Arunachalam (P.A.Arts Production). His first and only television appearance was for the serials “Selvi” and its sequel “Arasi”. Apart from acting and production, Subbu is also a dubbing vocal artist and a choreographer. Sudha Chandran (as Madurai ThilakavathyBorn in Kerala, Sudha Chandran is a well-known Bharatanatyam dancer who then started her acting career after she lost her leg in an accident. She is one of the most highly acclaimed Indian dancers ever since she was fitted with a “ Jaipur foot” to overcome her disability. She is in fact an inspiration to many people as she has proved that life doesn’t end due to a physical disability. She has acted in a number of films and i tele-erials (mostly in negative roles), in both Hindi and Tamil.

Another version of this serial...

Arasi wasb a Tamil serial, which was a fantastic sequel to the series named l “Selvi”. It ran in the time slot of 9.30pm to 10pm, every monday to friday. This story throws light on the untold secrets and storylines that were unfinished in the Selvi serial. It also introduced new characters and plots as well as focused on the key character “Senthamizh Arasi” which was played by Radhika Sarathkumar. It had a dual role and the serial had a good TRP rating of about 2.5. It was the most appreciated serial by the audience. It was viewed by people in India as well as many other Tamilian groups living abroad. It was also dubbed in Telugu as “Jhansi” and was re-telecasted in Gemini TV. In the story, Selvi learns that Yogeswaran is her step-father and she was an adopted kid.

Her biological mother named Senthamizh Arasi was still alive. Senthamizh Arasi was an exact replica of Selvi, and was now a respected IPS officer who had married a retired judge and had two children. GJ wants Selvi to support him in his investigation and tries every way to reach Selvi at any cost. The serial later opens up to new characters like Kannan, Thangam, Ganga, Chezhiyan, Viswanathan, Chinna Thambi and Madhu. The serial finally ends when Arasi shoots Selvi’s father Viswanathan and the family leads a happy life thereafter. Raadan Media Works had started another serial named ”Chellamay” after the success of Arasi. The serial began on the 2nd of January 2007 and ended on 11th of September 2011.