Tamil Tv Serial Adrasakka

Adrasakka Tamil tv-serials on ADITHYA TV


Comic timing is very hard to gain, but stand-up comedian takes it very well. Many such shows are introduced in the television industry. Peppers TV is a very popular Tamil channel featuring various entertainment programs. The channel has many new innovative projects that include music shows, news and the latest gossip on the film industry. They also produce comedy shows, ‘Adra Sakka’ is a very popular one. This show is telecasted two days a week; Wednesday at 8 pm and Saturday at 1 pm. 

This comedy show has every kind of humour; it has parody, jokes, witty humour and spoofs. The show features skit that will let you laughing within seconds. In one of the episodes, the show shows a conversation between a son and his strict father. The sense of humour and comic timing is just perfect. The witty answers given are hilarious and welcomed by audiences. Another concept is active involvement of the listeners and audience. The interaction between the stand-up comedian and any person is worth watching.

There was also one episode in which the artists created a spoof of a Tamil movie that makes you aching your stomach. The everyday life of the street vendors and the problems faced in the urbanisation is depicted very well in another spoof. The language used by the artist are decent yet humorous. Those funny expressions and dialogue delivery is remarkable. ‘Adra Sakka’ takes you on a ride of laughter and sheer enjoyment. No concept ever is repeated on this show; they have new acts ready. The show takes you through the life of others in your society and depicts it in a skit and in a comic way. We should not miss a single episode of this witty show.

Peppers TV has many other shows running that include cookery shows where you can learn to cook new dishes and represent some of your dishes like ‘Nama Veetu Chef’, ‘Stir Fry’ and ‘Lunch Box’. ‘Horror Nights’, a haunted show that brings in goosebumps. ‘Nizhalum Nijamam’ and ‘Peppers Plus’ are the daily news show that updates you with the current happenings in Chennai and also around the globe. Music shows have been quite popular where you can listen to latest beats and popular veteran songs as well. The film news gets to your ears from various series run on Peppers TV.