Tamil Tv Serial 777

777 Tamil Tv serials on Polimer tv

This show was aired on Polimer TV on weekdays. It is a collection of short serials that would last for seven days with seven episodes at 7 pm. Jakarb Telefilms presented this show. It was produced by 'Prabhu Nepal'. It proved to be more captivating than other serials because of its new trend, away from the usual soap operas. The serials aired in this show were directed by famous film directors like 'Manobala', 'Agathian', 'Saravana Subbaiya', 'Thai Muthuselvan', etc. The plots of the short operas were expected to be new, untold and catchy with facts.

This program was aired in early 2009 and lasted for a year availing more interesting plots. This show had more viewers irrespective of age. The timing of the show was later changed to 7:30 pm. The remarkable serials among the collections were “NeyarVirupam” by Manobala and “Atchathai”. Neyar Virupam starts with Senthil, a radio jockey. He loves his job and leads a happy life. He is deeply moved by a caller, who he interacts with during the program. Senthil falls in love with the woman caller and she too develops good vibes towards Senthil.

The lead roles were played by 'Mirchi Senthil', 'Sreevidya' and 'Adhavan'. The love between them has been told in a presentable manner without exaggeration and over acting. Senthil proposes his love by playing Kannadasan song leaving SreeVidya dumbstruck by his love. Senthil continues to play his lover’s favourite songs without considering the audience. The dialogues have reduced by the eye contact shared by the connoisseurs. The rest of the plot followed Senthil getting caught red-handed by his CEO.

Love is the pleasant feeling everyone has. This serial has not failed to capture the young hearts. Atchathai plot falls around the love between a strict father and an innocent son. Among all the relationships, father and son relationship is always untold and lies undercover indeed being the best of all. This story is one such plot where there are misunderstandings between the father and the son Ashok. His mother is seemingly very soft natured and loving. She tries hard forming bridge between her husband and son.

The lead roles were played by 'Rajasekar' and 'Kuyili'. Ashok is mediocre in studies and often criticised by his father. His father leads a life with strict principles and expects his son to follow his path. Ashok has a good friend and well-wisher Kamali. She insists on Ashok to lead a happy life without considering the pressures given by his father. Kamali wants Ashok to be brave enough to stand against his father. The rest of the plot unravels the love and respect. The story is a simple one with good moral. On the whole, this 777 show has contributed a great part to the Television Rating Point of the channel.