Odia Tv Serial Kuni Bhuta

Kuni Bhuta Odia TV SERIALS on Zee Sarthak

Kuni Bhuta is a child-friendly Odia serial telecast on Zee Sarthak. The story revolves around a five-year-old friendly ghost fondly called Bhuta. Bhuta was unfortunately killed in an accident a few years back and has, therefore, become a ghost. But, she doesn't realize this until later in the serial. Regardless, she is a very cute, friendly, loving, and playful ghost who enjoys the company of people more than anything. She is searching for her mother but in doing so, she meets several other people who come to stay in the house. She tries to be friendly as much as possible but considering the fact that she is a ghost, people can't see her and hence are terrified of living inside the house.

A woman rents the house after a while and soon after a series of events becomes aware of Bhuta, but is not afraid of her. Instead, she develops a motherly bond with the small ghost and decides to help her find her mother. How she does that and whether Bhuta finally finds peace constitutes the rest of the serial.