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Odia Tv Serial Nua Bohu

Other names : Nuaa Bohu
Nua Bohu Odia TV SERIALS on Tarang TV
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Nua Bohu unfolds as a captivating Odia TV serial blending the rustic charm of village life with a tale of love, tragedy, and mysterious occurrence. The narrative revolves around Radhika, a simple village girl with aspirations of becoming the ideal daughter-in-law for a high-class family. Her eyes are set on marrying Satwik, a grief-stricken young man who has lost his beloved wife and seems to have lost hope in life. Satwik's family holds a unique belief that Goddess Durga will intervene to bring justice to their lives. As Radhika endeavors to bring happiness to Satwik's life, paranormal activities begin to unfold around her.

The plot thickens when a lookalike of Satwik Jagga is introduced into the family. Following a complex plan devised by RR, the patriarch of the Jagga family is offered to adopt Satwik's identity and marry Radhika. Jagga, delighted at the prospect of being with the love of his life, conceals the truth from Radhika,claiming that a pandit has advised them to remarry for a calmer life. However, the story takes a dramatic turn when, on the day of their marriage, the real Satwik strategically replaces Jagga by kidnapping him. Radhika unknowingly marries Satwik, believing he is the Jagga.

As the truth unravels, Radhika faces conflicts and challenges, especially when she discovers the existence of Jagga. Misunderstandings lead to tragic consequences, and a rift emerges between Radhika and Satwik. The storyline further intensifies with the arrival of Satwik's childhood friend, Nayantara, adding layers of insecurity to Radhika's relationship. The narrative poses questions that linger throughout the plot: Will Radhika uncover Satwik's truth? Can Radhika and Satwik reconcile and reunite? "Nua Bohu” boasts a seasoned cast, with Nitu and Kaykay in prominent roles, portraying the parents of the male lead, Jagjit.

Kaykay's character, Raj Rajendra Baliar Singh, adds a zamindar touch to the storyline. Jagjit, known for his romantic roles, takes on the challenge of portraying an angry young man. Nitu, in a departure from her usual roles, embraces a negative character, Padmaja, the wife of the zamindar. With a mix of family drama and thriller elements, "Nua Bohu'' weaves a tale of love, deception, and mystery, promising viewers a rollercoaster ride of emotions and suspense. The intricate plot and skilled performances by the actors contribute to the serial's appeal, making it a captivating watch for Odia television audiences.


Ananya Sritam Nanda Odia Singer
DOB: 3 July 2002
Ananya Sritam Nanda
Divyadisha Mohanty Odia TV-Actress
DOB: 5 November 1992
Divyadisha Mohanty
Kanikka Kapur Odia Supporting Actress
DOB: 4 March 1995
Kanikka Kapur
Sambhabana Mohanty Odia TV-Actress
DOB: 27 March 1993
Sambhabana Mohanty