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Odia Tv Serial Rahichi Rahibi Tori Pain

Rahichi Rahibi Tori Pain Odia TV SERIALS on Zee Sarthak
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Rahichi Rahibi Tori Pain (2018) is an Odia-language TV serial aired on Zee Sarthak. This 565-episode serial is based on the story of Jyoti. She is a simple girl and a devotee of Lord Jagannath. Jyoti’s entire family is spiritual and religious. When her mother passes away, to fulfill her mother’s last wish, Jyotivisitsa temple in a small place called Mahidaspur. Here, Jyoti has a chance encounter with Ajay. They both fall in love and get married. However, Jyoti’s in-laws have other plans. They are hell-bent on making her married life difficult. Thus, the plot continues with the trial the married couple goes through and the circumstances they have to deal with emerging as the fated couple.



Anubhav Mohanty Odia Movie Actor
DOB: 24 December 1981
Anubhav Mohanty
Poonam Kaur Odia Movie Actress
DOB: 21 October 1986
Poonam Kaur
Kajal Yadav Odia Movie Actress
DOB: 18 July 1991
Kajal Yadav
Akash DasNayak Odia Movie Actor
DOB: 17 September 1981
Akash DasNayak
Sabyasachi Mishra Odia Movie Actor
DOB: 6 October 1985
Sabyasachi Mishra