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Savitri-odia Odia TV SERIALS on Tarang TV
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Savitri is an Odia television serial. It premiered on the Tarang channel. The serial aired on 9 July 2018. The storyline revolves around a young girl named Savitri. She is an enthusiastic and free spirit. Savitri learned all the skills from her mother, including her tremendous dance skills. Savitri lives in a small village with her mother, Sarla. Savitri’s mother is a daasi who serves god in the nearby temple. A guru and a wealthy Zamindar manage the temple premises. Savitri’s mother does dance performances and takes care of the other necessities of god. Savitri also wants to serve god just like her mother. But she is unaware of the dark reality hidden behind her mother’s work.

The zamindar of the village claims himself to be an ascendant of god. He acts like he is the human god. Every night, Sarla visits the chambers of the Zamindaar. She fulfills the sexual desires of the Zamindaar as she was assigned to please the lord. In the initial few episodes, the story presents how the Zamindar preys on Savitri and insists her mother retire and send Savitri to continue the rituals. Sarla strictly warns them to stay away from her daughter.

She wants Savitri to escape this web of false security and become an independent woman. She wants a better and more secure future for Savitri. Meanwhile, Savitri remains unaware of her mother’s struggles and innocently lives her life dreaming of becoming daasi like her mother. The Savitri serial highlights the controversial theme of Daasi Pratha. The government has banned the Pratha. But in some parts of the country, such traditions continuously follow. It raises questions about the traditions and society. As the story continues, many new characters enter the story. Some people help Savitri to escape the matrix. The makers aim to present unwanted traditions and the dark reality of such parathas. The engaging story, embedded with multiple twists and turns, captivated the viewers. Watch Savitri to learn how Savitri and Sarla save her future from being destroyed by the hands of Zamindaar.




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