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Naagmani 2 Odia TV SERIALS on Zee Sarthak
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Naagmani is the Odia dubbed version of Naagini 2, a Kannada TV series. It premiered on Zee Sarthak. It is a thriller TV series. It was first aired on Zee Kannada in February 2020. The show is somehow related to another show, Phir Laut Aayi Naagin. The story starts when Adishesha is killed by seven people. Shivani, the central character of the show, is a female serpent. She is sent to Earth to take revenge on seven people who killed her husband, Adishesha. She is also assigned a duty to know where the magical jewel Nagamani, is hidden. The show is a thriller TV series that premiered on Zee Kannada in February 2020. It is a sequel to the previous Naagini series and slightly related to the show Phir Laut Aayi Naagin.

Shivani is the central character of the show portrayed as a shape-shifting female serpent who comes to earth seeking revenge on those who killed her husband, Adishesha, and to find the magical jewel Nagamani. Adishesha has been reborn as Trishool. Trishool and Trivikram are born in the same house. Trishool is raised as the servant's son in the house without knowing that he is the true son of the owner, Digvijay, whereas Trikaal is raised as his son. Their identities were switched at birth. Trishool forgets everything about his past life. He has no memories of his previous life. Shivani identifies that the love of her life is reborn on earth, but she has to find out who is the real Adishesha. Both Trikaal and Trishool fall for her.

Later, it is revealed that Trishool is the rebirth of Adishesha but Shivani believes that Trikaal is Adishesha. So she tries to get married to Trikaal but accidentally gets married to Trishul. She hated him because she believed that he was the reason for her separation from Adishesha. Later she identifies the truth and fights for obtaining his love. Another shape-shifting serpent named Mayangani comes to Earth to try and kill Trishool. Mayangani gets killed by Shivani. Shivani gets killed in the end. The show features Namratha Gowda Namratha Gowda is an Indian TV actress, popular am >> Read More... and Ninaad Harithsa Ninaad Harithsa was born on 22nd February 1996 in >> Read More... in the lead roles of Shivani and Trishool/Adishesha. Other key characters include Trivikram, Mayangani, Digvijay, Nandisha, Trayambaka, and Takshaka. The show blends family drama and revenge plots with supernatural and mythological elements.


Poonam Kaur Odia Movie Actress
DOB: 21 October 1986
Poonam Kaur
Nila Madhab Panda Odia Director
DOB: 18 October 1973
Nila Madhab Panda
Mihir Das Odia Movie Actor
DOB: 17 February 1966
Mihir Das
Divyadisha Mohanty Odia TV-Actress
DOB: 5 November 1992
Divyadisha Mohanty
Sambhabana Mohanty Odia TV-Actress
DOB: 27 March 1993
Sambhabana Mohanty