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Dibyadrusti is an Odia television serial. It premiered on 5 January 2020. This serial telecasts on Zee Sarthak channel. The serial has released a total of 685 episodes. The plot revolves around Drushti, a young girl gifted with extraordinary powers. She is a god-gifted girl. She can foresee the danger. The story then introduces the male protagonist, Dibya. Under some complex situation, Dibya married Drusti, but he refused to acknowledge her as his wife. As the story continues, Drusti takes a stand for herself. She is determined to fight for her rights and start her married life. She foresees the upcoming danger to her husband and does everything in her power to save her husband.

Manisha Rath Bio coming soon... >> Read More... portrays the character of Drusti. Ananta potrays the role of Dibya. The extraordinary union of these two characters forms the plot of the serial. The viewers appreciated the on-screen chemistry between them. The crust of the story lies within the relationships, fate, and unexpected twists and turns. Despite the initial lack of acknowledgment from Dibya, the unwavering determination and resilience of Drushti compel her to stand by him and protect him from the foreseen dangers. Priyanka Mohapatra Priyanka Mohapatra or Pihu Mohapatra is a famous a >> Read More... plays a vital role in forming the shape of the story. Her character adds more depth to the story and adds an extra layer of drama to the serial.

Priyanka’s character becomes a roadblock in the journey. She constantly challenges Dibya and creates more problems in her life. Dibya Drusti perfectly blends love, sacrifice, supernatural powers, and perseverance. The intriguing storyline, combined with drama and suspense, fascinates the viewers. Watch DibyaDrusti on the Zee Sarthak channel to discover how the cold war between Dibya and Drusti ended and how they became life partners. The episodes are also available on Zee5 app and website.



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