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10 Best Actors Of Odia Cinema

10 Best Actors Of Odia Cinema Odia Article

The Odia film industry has made quite an improvement since its beginning in the field of filmmaking. Odia cinema has brought quality content using advanced filmmaking technology and artificial essences. With all these, actors serve as the backbone of the film industry and play a vital role. We have seen the best acting skills and performances of the Odia actors in their movies. These Odia actors have left a deep impression on the audience with their outstanding performances. Here we have curated the list of the ten best actors in Odia cinema.

1. Babushaan Mohanty

Babushaan Mohanty is one of the best and most popular actors in Odia cinema and is the son of actor Uttam Mohanty Uttam Mohanty is a famous Ollywood (Odia films) ac >> Read More... . Apart from acting, he is a great singer and has given many hit songs in the Ollywood industry. He first appeared in the 2009 Odia film Romeo - The Lover Boy opposite actress Lovely. His recent successful movie DAMaN received critical acclaim from the audience.

2. Anubhav Mohanty Anubhav Mohanty is an actor turned politician from >> Read More...

Anubhav Mohanty is an actor, television personality, and film producer who mainly works in Odia cinema. He first appeared in Odia music videos and then made his acting debut in the 2004 film I Love You, directed by Hara Patnaik Hara Patnaik is an Indian director, screenplay wri >> Read More... . He starred in several commercially successful films, including Suna Chadhei Mo Rupa Chadhei, Akashe Ki Ranga Lagila, Mo Duniya Tu Hi Tu, Haata Dhari Chaaluthaa, and more.

3. Sabyasachi Mishra Sabyasachi Mishra was born on October 6, 1984, in >> Read More...

Sabyasachi Mishra is one of the most popular actors in Odia cinema who also appeared in Bengali and Telugu cinema. He was also called the superstar of Ollywood and won several accolades, including two Odisha State Film Awards and a Filmfare Awards East. He first starred in the film Pagala Premi opposite Arpita Mukherjee Arpita Mukherjee is a talented Bengali film actres >> Read More... . His notable work includes Love Dot Com Click to look into! >> Read More... , Sasura Ghara Zindabad, Mu Eka Tumara, Pilata Bigidigala, and more.

4. Arindam Roy Arindam Roy is known as an Indian actor, producer, >> Read More...

Arindam Roy is among the top actors in Odia cinema and made his acting debut with the film Prema Rutu Asilare in 2006. He also acted in a few Bengali movies and received a positive response for his performance in the film Target Kolkata. His movies are Kalishankar, Mitare Mita, Gud Boy Gud Boy is a Hindi TV show. It premiered on 3rd Ma >> Read More... , Target Kolkata, Bhaunri, and more.

5. Siddhanta Mahapatra

Siddhanta Mahapatra is an actor, politician, and television personality who mainly appears in the Odia film industry. He first appeared as a lead actor in the 1992 Odia film Shradhanjali. His notable films are Pratikshya, Premam, Pagala Karichu Tu, and Golapi Golapi. He received several accolades, including seven Odisha State Film Awards and five Filmfare Awards East awards.

6. Akash Dasnayak

Akash Dasnayak is an Indian actor and politician best known for his work in action-oriented movies. He made his debut in the Odia cinema with the 2008 film Kalinga Putra and earned the best actor Award. He then starred in movies like Dharma, Mita Basichi Bhoota Saathire, and Just Mohabatt.

7. Amlan Das Amlan Das is a young talented actor of Oriya film >> Read More...

Amlan Das is another famous actor who primarily appears in the Odia film industry and advertisements. He is the eldest son of actor Mihir Das Mihir Das is a model and Odiya film actor. He was >> Read More... and began his career after completing his graduation in 2013. His first film was Target, directed by S.K. Muralidharan and released in 2013. His movies include Prasthanam, Gupchup, Romeo Raja, From Me To You, and Tiger.

8. Papu Pom Pom

Papu Pom Pom is an actor, stand-up comedian, and music director who mainly appears in Odia films and television. He was best known for his Odia TV comedy serial Faltu Katha, Aita bayata and Excuse Me: Jaha Kahibi Sata Kahibi. He appeared in movies like Prathama Prema, Sanju Aau Sanjana, Most Wanted, Pilata Bigidigala, and Love Station.

9. Pupinder Singh Pupinder Singh, is an Indian actor and producer, w >> Read More...

Pupinder Singh is an actor and film producer who mainly appears in Odia cinema. He first appeared in the 2008 Odia film To Bina Bhala Lagena, directed by Jyoti Das. He is best known for films like Love Dot Com, Daha Balunga, Subha Vivaha, Samaya Bada Balaban, and Raghupati Raghaba Rajaram.

10. Mihir Das

Mihir Das started his career in 1979 with the Odia film School Master and gained widespread recognition for his performance in Pua Mora Bholashankar. He has received several accolades, including the Best Actor award for his movie Pheria Mo Suna Bhauni and Laxmi Pratima Laxmi Pratima is an Odia romantic drama TV serial >> Read More... and the Best Comedian award for Mu Tate Love Karuchhi.


These are the top 10 actors in Odia cinema.