Malayalam Web Series Menaka

Menaka Malayalam WEB SERIES on Mazhavil Manorama TV

Menaka is a web series that premiered on Mazhavil Manorama TV. The series is a crime-thriller that aired in 2019. It had a total of 9 episodes. The series was directed by Praveen K. The show has a slogan, ‘The Perfect Crime Story.’ Ashwin Kumar, VK Sreenivas, Megha Thomas, and Bilas are in the lead roles. The show starts where a failed writer named Ajayan, played by VK Sreenivas, is frustrated and thinks that people are evil. He thinks that he has a perfect story, but people don't want to read his stories due to their incompetence in understanding the topic. After thinking a lot, he goes to a live television show where he tells that he is going to commit seven perfect murders in seven days. The audience is now furious and scared. After that, the police force stands outside the studio and tries to stop him from escaping from the studio. He escapes from the studio and commits his first murder.

A police force is appointed to save people from getting killed and to catch him. The police officer Jacob is now trying to find out if he went to 7 people or it was all just a threat. While they are making sure he announces who he is going to kill next. He kills a war veteran and police are unable to catch him. After that, he announces his third victim. They get to know that his third victim is based on gender equality. He chooses a person who calls him as god and playing with the lives of people. After some time the police can find out the method he uses to kill his victims. Now they are close to finding him.

Later they find out that there is a pattern on which he chooses his victims. They are now sure that they will be able to catch him. The Inspector who is involved in the case is facing some family problems. So, he asks his friend Lucas to help him. Lucas is the one who solves many mysteries and tries to get justice served. To know if they can find him or not watch the show on the OTT platform.