Malayalam Tv Show Film Lounge

Film Lounge Malayalam Tv shows on Kappa tv

Film Lounge is a TV show that brings in a fresh new perspective of the idea of anchoring. Kappa TV, acclaimed as a youth television channel offers this programme to take a fresh perspective on films that have etched memories in the minds of its audience. An active Facebook page where the viewers can post their movies of preference is a key differentiating factor for the show. Unconfined to the traditional concepts of TV shows, the anchor Soumya itself is a key factor of success. National and international films are reviewed in the show.

The anchor hand holds the viewers as she takes them through the intricacies of the movie. Besides, news on fresh releases, reviews of recent movies and news of movies in the making are all discussed in Film Lounge. Shot often in the lounge of prestigious hotels, the show also has interviews with celebrity film personalities to add vigour to the show. The easy go, cool attitude of the anchor sets the tone of the show to a very personal, intimate and casual interaction. The Facebook page that shares interesting movie reviews and top recommendations is sure driving fans to this new generation programme. A sure win among the movie lovers, this is Kappa TV’s attempt to cater to the young, movie conscious generation of Kerala youth.