Malayalam Tv Show Chiriyochiri

Chiriyochiri Malayalam Tv shows on Kairali tv
Chiriyochiri is a comedy show telecasted by Kairali channel on a daily basis from 2011 to 2012
Comedy clippings from films are aired every day and people love to end their day laughing at the movie jokes. The best comedy scenes are telecasted without an anchor on a continuous mode, so as to not break the flow. The format of the show is very simple, yet enjoyable.
Sometimes the show is based on themes . Some of the well received themes were, Kochin Haneefa special, Jagathi Sreekumar special, Lal special etc. Special episodes of Chiriyochiri are included on festival seasons which include the comedy scenes from latest mega hit movies. At times the special episodes are planned by selecting several comedy scenes are combined to form a meaning full sequence which can be linked to recent political and social incidents.
The scenes of hit comedy movies like Punjabi house, Chithram, Kilukkam, Mannar Mathayi Speaking, Ramji Rao Speaking, Vandanam, In Harihar Nagar, In the Ghosthouse, Godfather, Kilukil Pambharam, Mele Parambil Aanveedu, 
The older clips are still widely watched online by many through the videos uploaded by MCN television network. 
The show is produced by Christopher John. Comedy selection is aptly done by Shijin Benny