Malayalam Tv Serial Mayamadhavam

Mayamadhavam Malayalam Tv serials on Surya tv

Maya Madhavam is drama which airs on the channel Manorama TV, which caters to the Malayalam speaking audience. It went on air on all weekdays i.e. from Monday to Friday at 4:00 PM. The show started to broadcast on 16th December 2013 and has continued since. The show is the story of the relationship between a man and his wife. They live a peaceful life without too many luxuries.

They face their fair share of hurdles as and when they arrive. They give birth to a beautiful little daughter who adds happiness and joy to their lives. The story is of this family and their various struggles. As the story develops, we see that the bond between the husband and wife starts to weaken. This estrangement happens due to certain issues which they come across, not all of which were under their control.

They fight and try to stay together, but things keep getting more and more difficult. Their relationship which had been a source of pride for the couple starts becoming a sore point. They keep moving further away from each other. However, time heals all wounds. Their period of struggle begins to disappear slowly as well. Just like a series of coincidences caused them to drift apart, another such incident causes them to come closer. They start to nurse their marriage back to health and rediscover each other.

The story ultimately takes a close look at their love and their bonds of matrimony and gives us all a lesson for developing ourselves as well. In the middle of this saga of the couple’s relationship, lies their daughter as well. She has to face her own trials and tribulations owing to her parents’ estrangement. She doesn’t always comprehend what is happening and why it is so, but the sequence of events leave their mark on her as well.

Thrissur Elsy plays the role of the wife in Maya Madhavan. She is very well known in the Malayalam film circuit and has portrayed many critically acclaimed characters. Although she gets to be mainly seen as a supporting character in most of her movies, she manages to leave her mark.

She grew to fame through her work in theaters and was a much sought-after artist. Her fortunes changed one day when she got spotted by RamuKariat. He gave her a chance to debut on the silver screen through his movies. Among her most noted portrayals is her role as Mukesh’s mother in the film, Harihar Nagar. The same got highly applauded.