Malayalam Tv Serial Keralam Samsarikkunuu

Keralam Samsarikkunuu Malayalam Tv serials

Keralam Samsarikkunuu is a Malayalam talk show which discusses about the current happenings around the world. It is on Amrita TV on Saturdays at 6:30 PM.

The serial features guests who have immense knowledge on the subject. It also features a host and a live audience. The host is also the anchor and the moderator of the show. While the guests are debating on a subject, the host acts as the mediator and makes sure that everybody gets a chance to speak. The audience can also join the discussion. The audience is allowed to contradict the opinions of the guests, as everybody is equal on the show. 

The week's episode will be based on the current big thing that has happened during the week. It may be political, economic, sports, or social event. This helps to provide a theme for the show. The panel of experts needs to be well-versed with the topic. The anchor needs to be experienced in handling many people at once. The show starts with him giving a brief about today's topic. The guests are then required to comment on it, which sets the tone for public discussion. After the discussion, the audience can then ask their questions or contradict them.

As all the viewers are involved in the debate, it becomes a platform for the people to voice their opinions and be heard. Unlike other talk shows, where the audience doesn't have a voice, here the experts are seated with the spectators in the studio. There is no discrimination from the producers of the show. It is a platform for getting common man to be heard and raise issues which are affecting him on a daily basis.

Radio Jockeys, actors, singers, etc., have all been the host of the talk show. A platform for the people and by the people is always going to be a hit among the audience. Celebrities have also been part of the panel of experts. After all, giving a voice to the people is what Democracy is all about. The show has a runtime of one hour, which gives everyone ample time to come to a conclusion. Although the conclusion is not necessarily implemented in the society, it does educate the people, which will help them to make proper decisions in the future.