Malayalam Tv Serial Ishtam

Ishtam Malayalam Tv serials on Surya tv
This is the story of two made-for-each other couples separated by time. Not knowing each other, they remain unmarried having not found the right person. Ganga and Akash, identical in thoughts and values meet each other only in their late youth. However, they are far apart in terms of the financial status quo. While Ganga lives for her family, working in a government office, Akash lives for his step mother and her daughter. He crosses the path of Ganga asking her brother for his sister’s hand in marriage. However, he understands his love for Ganga when he knows that her marriage is fixed. The turmoil that happens in his mind and the consequences forms the plot of the serial. Originally based on the play “Patrani” by Imthias Patel, the serial was initially made in Hindi, later dubbed in Telugu and Tamil. However the Malayalam version is a remake of the serial that has seen success in different languages. Adding on to the love and life of the two central characters, the serial also has its own share of other elements that make a serial interesting for the audience – A mother who waits to get her daughter married off to a rich man, a step mother waiting for an opportunity to ruin the life of her husband’s son for the sake of money. The serial in fact, portrays how money makes a difference in human life and how sometimes love is all that matters.

(Surya TV. Started telecast on 4th August 2014 and currently running)

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