Malayalam Tv Serial E Koothu

E Koothu Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet news

E Koothu is a political satire show. E koothu was an election special program which was aired in the Asianet news channel in 2014. The name E koothu is derived from the art form chakyar koothu, which is well known for sarcastic comedy. The anchor links many news items and people to the traditional chakyar koothu hymns and thoughts. For example, according to him the first person who was denied a seat was Hanuman, when we went to Lanka for the first time.

The show connects the political situation with the recent incidents and scams in Kerala like Kasthuri Rangan report, Solar case etc. The visual effects are further enhanced by some situational cartoons etc. The tone of presentation is similar to the rendering of an artist during the chakyar koothu. The show has a very funny take on the fight for seats and explains it through some great parody lyrics of famous songs.

The show also connects many political incidents to recent films. Serious topics like the formation of Telengana , women’s’ reservation billet were explained in the original chakyar koothu style. The show attracted a huge viewership due to the unique presentation style and the range of political topics covered with the tinge of humor.