Kannada Tv Show Fly Wheel

Fly Wheel Kannada tv-shows on Suvarna Plus

Fly Wheel is a one of a kind TV show which focuses all its attention on the various different kinds of cars, bikes or commercial vehicles. It mainly talks about the best products in the field of automobiles and the features of the different models. The famous automobile journalist, Hani Mustafa, takes all of the viewers for a ride in the countries, or the world's most preferred or envied cars. He talks about all the features and advantages and disadvantages of a particular automobile every episode.

Many luxury cars like Mercedes C 200, Tata Nano, Grand Caravan private jet, Mercedes S class etc have been tried and tested on the show. It is a very much loved show for all the automobile fanatics who live and breathe automobiles. It is a given that no single person can own all the automobile engines in the world, so journalist Hani Mustafa tries all types of cars , airplanes, bikes etc to make the viewers know about its technical facilities and its advantages and disadvantages. He drives it or rides it and explains each and every part in detail. It is the best guide for someone who wants to purchase a car or a bike and is confused as to which one to buy out of so many options and ranges in front of them. He or she can know the intricate details of every car and know all the good points and bad points after watching the show.

After having a thorough knowledge abut it, they can make a proper decision and go for a purchase. This was the main reason behind starting this show. It was to assist those people who wanted to enquire more about the newly launched Automobiles in the industry. It was broadcast, religiously on Suvarna Plus every week. It had a good rating as the quality of this show was very nice and good. It had a constant rating and gained a lot of viewership from its audience because of its unique and new concept.

Even the famous Sachin Tendulkar, came on the show to test a car with the host. Even though it is a Kannada show, the host speaks in English for universal understanding. It is telecasted on Suvarna Plus, which is a Kannada movie channel associated with star network. The episodes of Flywheel can be watched online in various places including Hotstar.