Kannada Tv Serial Tirupathi tirumala venkatesha

Tirupathi tirumala venkatesha Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv

Tirupathi Tirumala Venkatesha is comedy series which came onthe channel Suvarna TV. The show is a Kannada language one which came on every weekend from Saturday to Sunday in the time slot of 10:00 PM. It premiered on Indian television on 7th July 2012. It features an episodic comedy fiction story which revolves around the life of a family and its various members. They operate a small business from within their home which comprises selling of various homemade products. We get introduced to the family comprises of Tirupathi and Tirumala. They are both siblings and were born to a couple named Gajalakshmi and Kempe Gowda. They both also have a sister who gets called Alamelu.

As the series progresses we see a variety of situations which land them into trouble and how they emerge out of it. All of the incidents make for exciting comic fare and make sure the audiences get left rolling with laughter. These range from trouble with customers as they try to make a sale with their products and even from the neighbors many times. This show got directed by the renowned Master Anand. He has helmed a number of other successful ventures which include popular comedy series such as SSLC Nanmakkalu and Paduvaralli Padegalu, both of which were for the same channel. In fact, Master Anand plays a pivotal role in Tirupathi Tirumala Venkatesha as well by taking up one of the key characters. This series marks the debut of Suvarna TV into the weekend comedy space.

This foray got made since it got felt that comedy series tend to resonate irrespective of age groups and hence get a wider audience. The show promises to give some excellent quality fare which the entire family can come together and enjoy. The weekend provides the opportune time for such an activity. This also strengthens the channel’s weekend offerings. Light hearted comedy programs tend to generate such appeal and also serve as stress busters for everyone. This laugh riot has gotten appreciated by both critics and viewers alike. They have fallen in love with the weekly antics of the cast who have all done a fantastic job. Their comic timings leave everyone gasping for breath as they go from one hilarity to the next. All of this makes for a good viewing experience. In addition, it provides a distraction from the deluge of other regular drama series and soap operas running on competitive channels.