Kannada Tv Serial Tarle Nan Maklu

Tarle Nan Maklu Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv

Tarle Nan Makalu is a kids based reality show which got aired on the channel Suvarna TV. The series is a Kannada language one which got broadcasted on every weekday from Monday to Friday. The series invited young kids as well as their parents to the show. Following that, they all went on to play a variety of games and ask questions to the children about various aspects of their lives. It provides a lot of humor and many comic situations arising from the questions and answers. They interact with one another through a series of games and lots of fun games.

The parents are often in a spot owing to their children’s reaction and answers born out of innocence. All the kids who get invited to this chat show range within the age group of one and six years old. In each episode, there are four children who come onto the show with their parents. The anchor of the program then interacts with these kids and makes lots of light and humor filled conversations. All in all the environment becomes a really fun filled one for all of the kids present in the show. They reply to all the questions asked with honesty and in an unabashed manner as only such young children can do. The kids then get the chance to play a few games with their parents up on the stage in front of everyone. It gives rise to numerous funny situations and makes the mood very light-hearted and comic.

The children are the main participants over here. The anchor continues interacting with them throughout the episode. The questions mostly revolve around what they think about various topics. These often give rise to hilarious answers which stem from their innocence and naivety. This provides some excellent comic content. The parents also add to the hilarity with their reactions to their kids’ responses. It is a complete package of fun and entertainment and also provides the parents and kids a chance to bond more. The show got loved by the audience members for its different kind of content and the innocent hilarity with the kids. It garnered positive reviews and ratings. The children formed the real attraction of every episode. They provided an outlook which is unique to them and which we sometimes lose sight of as adults. All their answers come without fear and inhibition as they do not fear getting judged by anyone.