Kannada Tv Serial Parineetha

Parineetha Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv
This serial is a very modern drama soap about the married life of Pranati and Arjun. The story starts with Pranati, who is portrayed as a beautiful, intelligent and well educated girl who is a computer science graduate studying in Mumbai. She is a very mature woman who has balanced her career aspirations with her family life perfectly. Her parents ask her to get married right after her graduation. She tells her family about Arjun, the boy she loves and they ask to meet his parents.

Arjun loves Pranati a lot as well, but is hesitant about getting married to her as he does not want to reveal his family’s secret. Pranati’s parents are insistent about getting her married so Arjun succumbs to his feelings for Pranati and agrees to their parents meeting.

The wedding goes through glitch free and everyone is happy for their marriage. When all the rituals and ceremonies are over, Pranati moves in with Arjun at his family home. This is where the problem starts, what Arjun had been so hesitant about revealing before the marriage was the fact that, Pranati would be the only female living in the house filled with all male members. Pranati had always been a very modern girl, who had guys as friends and had always been comfortable around men. But, when she was forced to live in the same house with so many men ranging from the ages of sixty to twelve she is not able to handle it. The men in the household have very different personalities and they all keep clashing with each other, over issues both big and small. Pranati decides she can’t be the warden to this boy’s hostel and tells Arjun that he has cheated her, by not revealing such an important fact before marrying her. She leaves to go to her mother’s house, where she finds out that her brother and bhabhi are moving out and her mother is crying. Her mother then makes statements about the importance of the woman in the household, in keeping the family unit together. This convinces Pranati to give her marriage a second chance and she returns to Arjun with a renewed will.