Kannada Tv Serial Morning Mantra

Morning mantra Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

Morning Mantra is a live show which is broadcasted on Zee Kannada. This forty minutes serial seems to be the complete modern package which will get you through anything in the morning. Most of the serials which air in the mornings are the same type. They play the same kinds of songs, or they show the same kinds of astrology stories. These things are mixed up with different episodes. Morning Mantra is a modern take on such serials, which will show all the things which are shown through different serials.

It is hosted by two popular local radio jockeys. Soujanya and Niranjan have worked in the Radio industry and are now plying their trade with Zee Kannada. Morning Mantra is sponsored by Colgate. The show starts with the female host sitting in front of the camera and telling the thought of the day. During the course of its two hundred episodes run, there were various guests and astrologers. The set is huge with both the parties sitting on nice sofas, but they don't seem to be facing each other.

They talk about various home made remedies which are available for diseases. Each episode tells one such remedy which can be easily made at home and it will heal the injury more quickly than the medicines given by doctors. They also read tarot cards to find out what the day has in store for you. Zodiac signs play an important role in the serial. There is only limited time, and the hosts cannot keep talking about one subject. They give one recipe each episode which people can try at home.

They also talk about what kind of oil you should be using. Songs are also played for a few minutes on Morning Mantra. They are devotional songs which are meant to touch your soul so that, you start your day by saying the name of God, and keep him with you during all time. Viewers can also call the show and ask them about their problems. It will be shown live on Morning Mantra. The viewers call to ask about their zodiac sign, should they do something or refrain from doing that thing.

Another Version Of This Show

Morning Mantra was a Kannada TV show aired on Zee Kannada. It was a unique show that had more than 250 episodes in it. It started on the 18th of September 2013 and ran for more than a year. It got aired daily in the morning. The serial had a different concept than usual programs to be aired on Zee network.

It was hosted by RJ Naved, RJ Saujanya and RJ Niranjana. An astrologer speaks about the Sun Signs and shares the predictions. In one segment they read the tarot cards based on different topics. Then the show moves to Yoga. They speak about the benefits of yoga. In the show, they give common health tips to be followed daily. It had a segment where they talk about the benefits of homeopathic medicines. The show even had some star birthday special episodes. They also have a call segment in which they receive calls from the audience and had conversations on current social issues.

After a few episodes, hosts were changed and the new hosts were Anusuya Bharadwaj and Amrutha Ramamurthy. It became more of a talk show.