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Spirituality is described in many ways, but there is no definite answer to it. Ever person has their own concept and view of spirituality. Spirituality can teach various types of things. People need to learn the acts of God, this way and his wisdom.Maharishi Vaani is devotional serial which features Maharishi Anand Guruji. Dr.Maharshi Anand Guruji is a world renowned astrologer, he has written a book on Astrology and Vastu and is also keen in teaching astrology. He helps people irrespective of their faith or background, to find answers to their most complicated factors of life.

Through Maharishi Vaani, Guruji helps people explore their spiritual realms through a unique method of predictions. Through this show, Guruji aims to share his wisdom and knowledge to a vaster audience. Guruji uses his knowledge and the various practices of the Vedas, and other spiritual text and merges them with scientific factors of gemology, astrological charts and his own power of spiritualism to prove the power of Vedic prayers and rituals and the positive influence that it has one one’s life.

Guruji believes that traditional methods customs can make a person blissful and happy even in this modern world. Through the show, Guruji is capable of making people understand things in a clear way and also helps people solve their personal problems. Guruji’s vision is to spread the knowledge of “Maharshi Sadhana Sutras” or to spread the knowledge of divinity with a person globally. Guruji preaches that God resides in all our hearts, and you experience it, one’s life will be nothing but a state of bliss.

One will not commit any wrongs as their conscious will be their guide. Guruji’s mission is to spread ancient knowledge to everyone, thus bring peace, happiness, success and bliss naturally. He teaches that all souls are genuinely good, and God is the source of all that is good. Guruji expects people to keep their mind open to see through their spirituality. Through this show, Guruji tries to achieve a constructive solution to a problem based on the divine knowledge of ancient wisdom. Maharishi Anand Guruji is also the founder of ‘Brahmarshi Ananda Siddipeetam’.

He encourages people finding divinity through the limitations of ignorance. Guruji recommends to follow the process of Samskara, which mean a process of removing dust and dirt from one’s life and embracing the virtues of Truth, Right Conduct, Love and Non-violence. There are 48 Samakara, but all of them can be diminish to one simple one, which is recognition of a person’s true identity with the Divine.