Kannada Tv Serial Madadi Eleloo Janmakoo

Madadi Eleloo Janmakoo Kannada tv-serials on ZEE KANNADA

Madadi Eleloo Janmakoo is a family serial in the Kannada language that aired on the channel, Zee Kannada. Zee Kannada is one of the most popular prime-time channels in the state of Karnataka. It is a 24-hour Kannada entertainment channel. It is the regional off-spring of one of the most widespread television networks of India, the Zee Network. Madadi Eleloo Janmakoo is a family soap opera in the drama genre. The story deals with the life of a woman named Sharada.

Sharada is a beautiful young girl who lives in a small city. She is a normal modern day girl, yet very innocent in her thoughts and simple in her living. One day, Sharada meets a very smart and handsome man named Manohar. Manohar is instantly taken in by her beauty and innocence. Eventually, Manohar and Sharada end up falling in love with each other. Sharadahappily gets married to Manohar. Manohar is the son of a rich businessman. He lives in Bangalore City with his family. Manohar has three step-sisters, Sindoora, Mahima, and Chandana. These three sisters do not like Manohar very much and are evil in nature.

After marrying Manohar, Sharada comes to Bangalore to live with him and his family. She is immediately pitted against the three sisters, Sindoora, Mahima & Chandana. They do not like Sharada and constantly conspire against her to make her life miserable.In the beginning, because of her naïve nature, Sharada falls prey to the conspiracies of the three shrewd sisters of Manohar.

She fails to understand their intentions and that they could cause harm to her. But eventually, she realizes that the three women don’t like her and are trying to cause her harm. She is alarmed by their intentions and decides to fight for her rights. She starts using her brains to fight these forces.

The story moves forward with Sindoora, Mahima and Chandana planning in various ways to create troubles for Sharada and Sharada keeps dodging these attacks with her clever mind. In due course, the story unravels her fight against these three wicked women and how she triumphs over them in the end. Madadi Eleloo Janmakoo was telecasted during the year 2012-2013.

The show was a very popular primetime show during its time. It was a total family drama with some very interesting turn of events in the plot which kept the audience glued to their seats. The show had only one season which had more than 100 episodes.Each episode had a runtime of 30 minutes. The title track of the serial also gained a lot of popularity amongst the audience.