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Did you ever go on an endless debate with your friends to decide who is the best actor in Bollywood? Did you ever wish for a more conclusive way to rate an actor rather than just comparing their box-office success? And do you hate never reaching a conclusive decision despite doing all these shenanigans? Well, your hunt is finally over! Here is a show of your dreams to finally put those debates at rest and decide once and for all who is the best among them all! TIMES CELEBEX is a TV show powered and telecast by Zoom channel, which officially rates Bollywood Stars in India and worldwide just for you. Unlike many other shows which are just one-dimensional in their approach of ranking, Times Celebex is more of a dynamic indexing.

Times Celebex takes into consideration various parameters before announcing their verdict. These parameters are ranging from an actor’s best performances to their box office collections. It also considers PR buzz into the equation which is rather unheard of from any other similar rating shows. Since so many movies are releasing each month, there are so many variables which shift every month in an actor's achievement graph. So Times Celebex provides a monthly T-score to every actor relevant in that particular month. Leaderboards are formed and arranged in highest order according to their scores. It bears a witness and provides a better scale for measuring a celebrity's stardom. Hence Times Celebex beats any other one-time annual reports in this game.

Various important movie parameters are together calculated to yield a score generally termed as a ‘T-SCORE'. This T-score is a yardstick by which every celebrity is ranked. Some key parameter which is included in this calculation are as follows:- It includes Box office collection (domestic as well as International). Unlike other, PR buzz created for that actor is also taken into consideration. An actor's ability to stay on news cover across the various media platform such as tv, newspaper etc is also considered. Promotion for newly acquired or existing Brand endorsement are included. If there are any upcoming line-up of movies and promotion of those coming projects, then it is also included.

Even popularity among fans across the different mediums like online blogs, tv etc. are included. Times celebex is one of it's kind and most factual rating index for Bollywood celebrities in current times. These comprehensive data are collected from reputable and credible external agencies. They have collated these authentic data, from about 250+ tv channels, 60+ printed publications and over 10000+ cinema halls. They also take millions of general people's views into account before determining the winner. So tune into this show to release your inner Bollywood Fanatic!