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Teenovation Hindi tv-shows on ZeeQ

Teenovation is broadcast on the channel ZeeQ and has won several awards. The show profiles children who are participating in NIF’s IGNITE National Competition which is held to jude the ideas and innovations of children. India's burgeoning population of young generation uses technology to empower themselves to create opportunities for inclusion. It is this show’s aim to empower children in the rural areas and help them in innovating and improving their knowledge. The show wishes to make the Indian society strong by encouraging their creativity and thirst for knowledge and providing them with the opportunity to learn and create.The show won the prize of Indian Telly Jury Award For Best Science-Knowledge based show.

Prabal Panjabi is the host of this show.He started the show with his visit to Kashmir and went on to explore innovative engineering minds across India.In Kashmir, he meets ShaziaJaan, a 12th class student.As per the tradition in Kashmir, special tea (Noon chai) is made using coal. As coal is not easily available in Kashmir, Shazia replaced the source of energy from coal to LPG gas.Now the tea can be made with very much ease.In episode 2, he is again in Kashmir exploring young innovative minds. Waseem Ahmad Nadaf, a 9th class student is addressed as “Waseem innovative” in his residential area.He made a mini mixer for mixing children’s medicine.His main innovation was creating an inverter to overcome the problem of frequent power cuts in Srinagar. In episode 3, he visits Pantnagar to meet YatharthAaxena, a 13 year old innovative mind. Pantnagar is a place where the first Nano car was made and it is also famous for ‘Agrofarming’.

Yatharth invented a trolly case for carrying luggage at railway stations.It doesn’t matter how heavy the luggage is, it can be transported with the utmost ease.In episode 4, Prabal reaches Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu to meet Serial Innovator, as she had invented 10 innovations continuously. Masha Nazeem was inventing an anti-drowning forehead belt for children for the purpose of their safety. In episode 5,the episode is shot in Pune as the next innovator AnkitaNagarkar who invented an alarm for stapler pins refilling.In the next episode, he visits New Delhi to meet EeshanAggarwal and Joshua Joel Anthony who got inspired by the primary class mathematics teacher who was unable to move his legs.

After seeing his paralyses, they both invented a wheelchair that is remote controlled.They named it “Shree Sawarlambi” meaning self-dependent. In episode 8 which is shot in Bhuwaneshwar, Orissa as Devjyoti, a 16 year old mastermind created Robo Vacuum cleaner that on its own cleans the entire house through the remote control.His inspiration was his uncle who was suffering from polio. Episode 9 continues to be shot in Orissa and the innovative young minds we meet are Kripesh and Vishwajeet.

These two young fellows invented a hand-pump that can survive in floods.The next episode is also shot in Orissa to appreciate JyotiRanjan, a 14 year old boy who invented a headgear that had a camera mounted onto correct retinal vision. Such a brilliant innovation was done by this mastermind!While most youngsters at this age are indecisive about what they want to do in years to come, there are others who at that age are ideating, experimenting and innovating at various levels, and also fighting all odds.