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The Super Fight League or the SFL looks all set to change the dimensions of the Mixed Martial Art or MMA in India. The Indian subcontinent with its extensive array of exceptional fighting talents finds SFL a huge platform to showcase their ability and as a result we see a massive growth in its popularity since coming into existence in 2012. CEO and co-founder Bill Dosanjh has all the reasons to be delighted as SFL is definitely on the right track towards achieving fame and stature.

Focused on giving a platform to the local Indian talents to perform at the highest level and give them their due recognition, SFL also comes as an inspiration to several young aspiring fighters who are all full of talents but find no one to garner that. SFL has made the difference in the country which has a vast diversity not only in terms of population but also the economy. It focuses on giving chances to players from the enormous talent pool, who despite having the flair cannot take MMA up as a professional career. In the nation like India, where Cricket is a faith, we have seen Kabaddi, Badminton and Football leagues prosper, and now, it is about time, that wrestling has its due share in terms of popularity and viewership on national television.

Entertainment, purity in terms of sports and add to it outstanding young athletes performing at their best, it is only about time SFL creates a huge fan base for itself. Promoted by Bill Dosanjh and two-time world champion of British professional boxing Amir Khan and being associated with the largest market for MMA that is USA, SFL has become the world’s first MMA league and is hosted in India from 26th August to 1st October 2016. The inaugural edition of the league is seeing 96 fighters developing both men and women from all across the world participating and representing their respective franchise that include Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Goa.

Consisting of nine Indian and three international fighters, with a mix of both men and women, the teams have to fight a total of seventy-two bouts in the league stage which will be followed by two semi-finals, a third and fourth place play-off and ultimately the grand finale.A sum total of INR 4 crores which is up for grabs for the winning team along with individual awards for the best fighter, best knock-out and best submission in the league makes SFL all the more attractive. Providing an inspiration to the young and talented fighters and allowing or rather motivating them to take this up as their career and as a result take MMA to a whole new level of glory, is what SFL seeks to achieve.