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Oswald is an American kids animated television series formerly airing on Nickelodeon as a portion of the Nick Jr. block. It first aired on August 20th, 2001, in the United States. It is a cartoon series on Nick Jr. about a blue octopus and his friends. The show officially ended in early 2004. Dan Yaccarino created the show and co-produced by HiT Entertainment. It was also broadcast on Noggin and CBS (during the Nick Jr. on CBS programming block) in reruns.

Developed by Lisa Eve Hubman and Dan Yaccarino, the series is directed by Fredrick Stroppell, Debra Bronson, and Henry Lenardin-Madden. Oswald's voice is given by Fred Savage, Weenie’s voice is given by Debi Derryberry, Henry’s voice is given by David Lander and Daisy’s voice is given by Crystal Scales. Oswald is a large, round, blue octopus (with four arms, four legs) that lives in an apartment complex with Henry the Penguin and other animals such as the turtle Buster. He is a polite, well-mannered and helpful octopus who is ever ready to help his friends out. His hobbies include singing and playing the piano. Henry the Penguin is Oswald’s downstairs neighbor and best friend.

Daisy is a friend of both Oswald and Henry; the three of them often go on sojourns together. Daisy has an interest in sports and other activities. Another important character in the series is Pongo, who is a large yellow and red dragon with a long, thin, green mustache and is quite similar to the dragons in the Chinese culture and folklore. He survives in a Chinese-style home in Big City. Pongo’s voice is narrated by Richard Kind.