Hindi Tv Show Krazzy Kiya Re

Krazzy Kiya Re Hindi Tv shows on Dd national

Krazzy Kiya Re was a Hindi television show that aired on Doordarshan TV Channel. It is more famous as Airtel KKR or Airtel Krazzy Kiya Re. It was a weekday special show. It aired on Thursday nights at 9:30 PM IST.

The show ran in 2008, and every week one episode was shown. It was very popular on the media channel. The run time is approximately 45 minutes. It always remained on the top five in the TRP section. Doordarshan got a great boost because of this comedy cum dance reality show.

The contestants participating in the show, gave dance performances every week. They were given marks by the judges on their acts. The lowest scorers of the previous week were given a chance in the week to prove their mettle, by performing in a face off. Whoever got the highest marks does not get eliminated, whereas the one with the lowest score is bidden a teary goodbye. The audiences were kept entertained by the talented anchors Sahitya Sahay and also the charming Agastya Jain. They kept the viewers busy with their one-liners and antics, which everyone appreciated a lot.The audience also has a say in the eviction process. They vote for the one to be eliminated. The marks and votes are averaged, and thus this decides the fate of the performer.

The show was judged by eminent personalities of the silver screen like Bakhtiyaar Irani, Habiba Rahman, Krishna Abhishek and Sudha Chandran. These judges also performed dances as when they felt like shaking a leg or due to public demand or even if they liked a candidate's performance. The show was produced by the famous production and post production house Prime Focus. It is a very reputed firm. Also the director is the famous TV personality Mr. Gyan Sahay.

The set of the reality show is a studio. They have different areas for seating the audience, seating the performers and also the place where judges reside. Different stages were present for aerial and terrestrial performances.

The show grew popular in 2008 and has had 3 seasons so far. Every week, one episode was shown. The average running time on screen was 37 to 41 minutes per episode.

It was amongst the first reality television shows that came to the Indian silver screen. It remained popular until its last run. You can now catch the episodes on the online portal. It was a show which was fun to watch.