Hindi Tv Show Khullja Sim Sim

Khullja Sim Sim Hindi Tv shows on Star plus

Khullja Sim Sim is a game show broadcast on Starplus in 2001, the show aired in three seasons, Season 1 and season 3 was hosted by 'Aman Yatan Verma' while season 2 was hosted by 'Hussain Kuwajerwala'. Khulja Sim Sim was produced by Reliance Entertainment.

Khulja Sim Sim was a different game show based on US Game show format Let’s Make A Deal. Khulja Sim Sim was one the biggest show in India competing with KBC hosted by Amitabh Bachchan, Khulja Sim SIM was one of among many game shows running on Indian Television which really give a competition to KBC. In the game show, there was a 3 door contestant has to give an answer to a question, and after that contestant has to choose between 3 doors in which can be filled with so many luxurious items or may me nothing. This concept creates a huge excitement between audience and contestant. 1500 contestants participated in 2 years in season 1 and around 2 crore valued prizes had distributed among contestants. Khulja Sim Sim ‘s set was also designed in a unique way and made with steel. After season 1 in season 2 host was changed, but it was not that popular as season 1 thus in Season 3 Aman Verma re-host the show.

Khulja Sim Sim maintained the original concept and this was also the reason for the success of this game show.Khulja Sim Sim mentioned its name in Limca Book of Records, 2003.