Hindi Tv Show Khelo Jeeto Jiyo

Khelo Jeeto Jiyo Hindi Tv shows on Star plus

Khelo Jeeto Jiyo is a game show broadcast on Star Plus at 7.00 PM and Star Utsav at 8.00 PM. Produced by big Synergy, Sponsored by Godrej and Hosted by Soha Ali Khan.

Khelo Jeeto Jiyo is unique, branded lifestyle Gameshow in which contestant can win a home and everything related to the home. In Khelo Jeeto Jiyo 3 family pair compete with each other for the prize, they have to play a round of games and gave to clear it to win the prize and to go into the next round. The Game round starts with buzzer round, who press the buzzer first, picks a room, makes a shopping list and vies for the requisite number of wins which is needed to move up in the game. To win this round contestant gets only a few seconds, if they did not make it, they lose everything they have won and get eliminated also.

The remaining contestant plays further. The set was divided into 4 fully furnished room and for contestant, there was a chance to win minimum 1 room and maximum 3 rooms out of contesting pair plays for products displayed in rooms, and all contestant play with a dream and hope to win a dream home. The contestant has to answer a series of question or have to win a time bond activity game. After the winining of a certain number of products from rooms are eligible to play grand prize, which was a home and one of the pair contestant was from Delhi managed to win a 2BHK apartment in ‘Godrej Woodsman Estate’ Banglore.

The Show Khelo Jeeto Jiyo is an innovative and exciting show format where contestant, compete with each other, but joyfully and this is why The game show Khelo Jeeo Jiyo was highly appreciated. The season 2 of Khelo jeeto jiyo is broadcast on Sab TV in the same pattern with a little bit difference now it is Sab Khelo Jeeto Jiyo and there is no room to play for, the contestant play directly for products.