Hindi Tv Show Ishq Messenger

Music is an important element, for films, shows and serials. In the past few years, many music channels are launched like Zoom, Etc. Music, MTV and Sony Mix. You can get to hear and watch song videos for the whole day. Amongst those music channels, Bindass play is a popular one. The Walt Disney Company (India) is the owner of this channel and was launched in the year 2014. You can get to hear latest songs and gather some Bollywood gossips as well. 

Ishq Messenger is the show that is played daily on Bindass Play channel at regular intervals. The songs played on this show are latest Bollywood numbers and can travel long back to the 90’s hit music. The best and the most interesting concept of this show is that any listener can request for a particular song that will be firmly played on the show. If any fan or audience want to dedicate any songs for their friends, family or for that someone special, then they are just an SMS away.

Using your mobile phones, you can send your request with a beautiful message that will be displayed on the screen, while your requested song is playing. The listener’s sweet memories and love messages are shared on this show. The music played on this channel are almost those songs that have been requested by the fans. When you are watching this show you can see some messages at the bottom like someone has dedicated this song to someone with their respective name.

This channel is a replacement of channel UTV Stars, by Disney (India) that telecasted the current Bollywood affairs and latest gossips. This show was known for its Bollywood news and as an entertainment channel. Mood-mapping is the word used for Bindass Play channel as it encourages the audience and involves the listeners to take part in the music to be played. It is rightly working the same as said in the channel slogan, ‘Saath Hai To Baat Hai’.The channel is currently telecasting three shows; ‘Tia’s Request Show’, ‘Ishq Messenger’ and ‘Tweet Meri Baat’.

These shows use the social media like Facebook and Twitter for connecting with their listener. Due to the concept of active involvement of listeners and fans in every show, Bindass Play has gained popularity. The songs are in variety, and you can request any genre of Bollywood. It can be any soft melody, disco beat, romantic or a dance number.