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Fearless Hindi TV SHOWS on UTV BINDASS

Fearless was one of the most successful reality shows aired on Bindass TV. Bindaas TV has never disappointed us with presenting the shows that have a unique concept just like Fearless. The channel never fails to provide us with shows of different genres. The show first aired on 11 August 2012 and the last episode was aired on 28 August 2012. The current popular figure of the nation, Arjun Kapoor Arjun Kapoor is a Bollywood star. He was born on 2 >> Read More... hosted the show. In its short telecast period, the show managed to gain a lot of fame and rapidly became a favourite amongst the youth. As the name suggests, the show focused on being fearless and confronting the demons that don’t let you be bold.

The major plan of the show was to encourage you in fighting with your fears and living a better life. The show focuses on creating certain tasks and scenarios that the competitor has to go through, to surpass their fear; this fright varies from opponent to opponent from fear of heights to fear of water. The show also has an emotional part, where the contestants share their story as to how they acquired that particular terror. In the very first episode, we hear the touching story of Jay who lost his dad in a house fire and had developed the fear of fire since then.

His friends want to get him over that fear and so, somehow manage to get him on the show. Throughout the episode, Jay goes through series of tasks that compel him to be strong and face his fear. Later, we come across a girl who has a fear of heights and how she manages to overcome her fear through the show. There is a total of 8 contestants that overcome their horror by going through their worst nightmares. Arjun Kapoor does a fantastic job being the host and makes every competitor feel at ease and calms them down.

He also relates easily to the participants with no trouble and continuously boosts them up and tries to give them courage through his powerful words of compassion. The shows’ tagline, ‘Conquer your worst fears, Be Fearless, Speak up’ is what the whole show is actually in a nutshell. To conclude, this show is a must watch, for not only avid watchers of reality TV shows but anyone and everyone. It offers a variety of emotions, comedy and the inspiring journey of the contestants.