Hindi Tv Show Emotional Atyachaar Season 1

Emotional Atyachar Season 1 Hindi Tv shows on Utv bindass

Emotional Atyachar’ is a TV show that aired on UTV’s Bindass channel. It is based on US reality show ‘Cheaters’. In Indian version, the show depicted how a boyfriend or a girlfriend could ask for a loyalty test on her or him. If one suspects his lover, he could come to the episode and get the loyalty test done. For instance, on whom the loyalty test is done are a scale suspect and the person checking his/her friend’s loyalty is referred as the lead. Angada Bedi was the host for the season-1.

Now in an episode, a real story of Urvashi Hegde, Garima Arora, and Karan Luthra was telecast in lead characters. Karan was a 3rd year engineering student who had fallen in love with Urvashi, a 2nd year student of fashion. Urvashi did suspect Karan and took help of ‘Emotional Atyachar’ team. When Karan name came under the scanner of investigation in the ‘Emotional Atyachar’ show, the underground investigation team fitted pen camera and other investigating camera so as to find out where Karan used to meet his other girlfriends. Karan came across one girl named Garima Arora with whom he was in love too. Earlier, Karan had an affair with Urvashi for the two-and-a-half year, and now he was involved with Garima for three months.

Later, the investigation headquarters had shown to two friends Garima and Urvashi the footage tapes taken by investigation officer named Soniya Birje (a model actor) who exposed the truth that Karan had dumped Urvashi because she was very possessive. Hence, Karan even had relationships and stayed with friends like Nisha, Neha, and Garima. The headquarter team reaches to the place where Karan was fluttering with Soniya and the relationship of every girl get exposed at last. This is how the ‘Emotional Atyachar’ was telecast for many seasons.

The inputs of the show were conceptualized by creative director and writer Urvashi Gupta of UTV television team, and Bindaas team Shalini Sethi (Head of Programming), Piyush Bhatia (Executive Producer) and Shifa (Creative Director) created the show. The show was telecast on 18 December 2009.