Hindi Tv Show Big Switch Season 3

Big Switch Season 3 Hindi Tv shows on Utv bindass



The show Big Switch premiered on UTV Bindaas in 2009. Woodland was a sponsor of this season. It started airing in 2011. Its tagline was ‘Life without Daddy Ka Paisa’. UTV production house was the producer of this show. The hosts of the show were Natasha Suri and Rohit Shetty. Rohit is a celebrated Indian director with successful films such as All the best and Singham under his belt. Natasha is a popular model who has won the Miss India title and hosted shows such as Style Police. The purpose of the show is to teach the value of money to spoilt rich kids. In this season, the judge and the power to make rules rested with Rohit Shetty. The format of this season was different than the other seasons of the show. The eight contestants had to compete in various tasks. The consistent winner in all the tasks would be the winner of the show.

The winner of the show would get his grand wish fulfilled. The contestants of the show: Sahil Rohira was from Mumbai. His ambition was to start his business worth 50 lakh. Swapna from Mumbai was 25 years old. Her grand wish was to study a cookery course in Paris worth 60 lakh. Neha’s demand was a fashion designing course in New York (60 lakh). Faizan Mir’s wanted a blank cheque from his parents as a reward. He was from New Delhi. Anusha wanted a world tour (50 lakh) as a gift from her parents. Sushant wanted a Beetle car worth 18 lakh. He hailed from Mumbai. Rohit wanted a Hummer from his parents. The last contestant was Heena from Ahmedabad. She wanted a Motorbike worth 18 lakh. In the first episode of the show, all the amenities such as television, fridge, mobile phone, air conditioner, and car were taken away from the contestants. They had to compete in various challenges. They had to work in a pizza joint, as a sales assistant in a mall, in a spa, work in a five-star hotel and work as a glass-cleaner of a huge building. They also worked in white collar jobs such as handling a club, working as a design student.

Through these tasks, the contestants were eliminated. The show ended in 2012. The winner was Faizan Mir. After winning the show, Faizan refused to accept his grand wish, a blank cheque. He said he had learned the value of money the hard way and was going to respect his parents and the comforts they provide a lot more