Hindi Tv Show App Guru



The youth is the basic strength of every nation. We must say we have the youth generation which is capable of producing enough change in this nation. Along with this, use of technology is making the wide enhancement in the world. The presence of smart phone in the life of the people is an integral part of the life. We can see the availability of smart phones in every hand of the persons. It is the growing technology; no one can deny this fact.

So, to keep you updated with this increasing platform MTV brought the new trending tech show for the audience, named as App Guru. We have the basic operating system in which all of our applications run on it. In short, we termed the application as an app. In the play store, there is the availability of enormous application which one can access as per the requirement of the person. But, there are the certain apps which are very important to all smart tech phone users. To make us realize this we had the show named App Guru. We know the meaning of the App; Guru means a teacher, who will guide you for using the application in your smartphones.

Gaelyn Mendonca was the anchor of the show. She is a familiar face to all of the audience of the MTV channel. She was the winner of MTV VJ. The Gaelyn debuted in the Bollywood as well. Her debut was in the movie Nautanki Saala. She is increasing the graph of her career in a continuous manner. She is a model cum actress. In this show, you will come to know about the different mobile brands, where you have the choices as per your comfort. The episodes run in a continuous manner which has link with the previous episodes. It means one can learn the things in the regular and periodic way.

The series of the App Guru was very short. It had broadcasted the show of 12 episodes. The reason behind the shutdown of the show is not known. The channel did not give any information related to this show. If you have curiosity about the show, you can check it online as well. It will help you to grow in this techno world.