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In this era where it is hard to find pure air to breathe, where staying unhealthy has become a habit, and health is the least concern of people, Yoga is emerging as the cure to all. The postures, the asanas that you perform in yoga give more than one benefit to you. From your breathing to digestion, from your body ache to staying fit and healthy, yoga has all that you need.

It not keeps your body fit but also gives you mental peace and meditation, which is a part of yoga helps you to analyze things, calm down your worries, and find solutions to all your sorrows because a peaceful mind can find answers to all your questions. Yoga has been the part of our country from the era of Rishis, and today its value has been recognized in true terms.

Now when people are getting aware of the benefits it gives you and how can you prevent yourself from getting the worst diseases and illness. Despite of awareness, many people perform it in wrong ways. It is good to do yoga every day. But doing it in a wrong way will not give you any benefit.

That might make your condition worse. In that case, it is not yoga to be blamed, but your way of doing it and performing every asana should be improved. But due to the busy schedules, not everybody can go to a yoga center and learn yoga there. How about a yoga class telecasted on television? I think that’s the correct solution for spreading a word about the benefits that yoga gives you and the right way to perform it.

Keeping this in mind, Zee TV has brought you the show, ‘Yoga For You’; This TV series is aired every day from India and helps you learn the different practices of Yoga and also habits and ways to maintain a healthy life. The show, along with yoga, also gives you information about the home remedies, diet, healing secrets from our ancient times, herbs, etc.

This show every day is shown in two parts. In one segment, the yog gurus, Deepa Baskhi, and Dilip Tiwari perform and demonstrate different asanas for the viewers. They do all the postures and share its benefits with the audience. This part helps people to learn yog and perform those asanas at their home in the right way. This way, they get benefitted by the pose in the best way.

In the second segment, Dr. Pankaj Naram takes a session on sharing the secrets of cures to many problems and illness from the ancient Vedas. He is described as a “world authority on ancient healing” by the National Geographic. This segment includes information about all the herbs, diet-related secrets, home remedies, etc.

This information helps people to stay energetic, maintain balance in life, and have a peaceful mind and soul. The stories from all over the world are also shown in the program. The stories are about the people living in different parts of the world who have experienced the benefits of these secrets. Zee TV has taken the show to around 169 countries with over 3,000 episodes. It has helped people to make their lives better and live a better living.