Hindi Tv Serial Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan

Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan was a comedy genre drama aired on Zee TV during 2001. it was broadly based on the incidents that happen in the great city f Mumbai which is the biggest metropolitan city of India and a mixture of rural population who come to earn their living here and hardcore cosmopolitans. The serial was produced by Rabat Senghor and Rajah Shake for Gastric telescope Limited. It was written by Rajesh Dubey and directed by Manjul Sinha. The story revolves around Hari Prasad (played by Vrajesh Hirjee) who has come to Mumbai from his native place Jaunpur, to become a glamour photographer. He finds that his name is considered a backwardness, so he changes his name to Harry and tries to forget his mediocre past. He makes people believe that he has come from USA to work in Mumbai. The problems for Harry or Hari Prasad start building up when he comes to know that his cousin Balu is coming to Mumbai to become a film actor. Incidentally Balu also gets a job where Hari Prasad works and his small town background is exposed which he had been trying to hide all this time. In each episode, harry tries to establish that he has come from USA and not UP but his cousin Balu with his simplicity pulls down and tells about his modest origin. Comic situations arise in this fashion and more comical are the solutions evoking smiles and laughs for the viewers.

The serial was telecast on Zee TV from March 21, 2001 to October 24, 2001 in 32 episodes.