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The show is created by Sameer Saxena for TVF. The first season of the show launched on 9 September 2016. It has five episodes, in it. It was written by Akarsh Khurana and Sumit Vyas and directed by Rajesh Krishnan. It was a massive hit, and Sony Pictures adopted it for the 2nd season, directed by Sameer Saxena. The 2nd season of the show was released on Sony Liv app on 5 April 2019.

In the first episode, of the first season, Chandan played by Sumit Vyas is a jobless, divorced guy who returns to Mumbai to see his younger brother Chitvan played by Amol Palker, who is a DJ in a bar. Chitvan forgets that his brother is coming to meet him or that he is divorced. When they meet, they go on a road trip to meet their sister. In the 2nd episode, they meet their sister Chanchal who is the queen of Jodhpur in Rajasthan and lies to her husband about her being pregnant. They all leave Jodhpur where Chanchal fights with her husband Pranav played by Kunal Roy Kapoor. In the third episode, they meet some foreigner girls on their road trip who steal their Car. In the 4th episode, to find their car, they reach Bhatinda, a place in Punjab, by a moped. They fight a mob to take the car back. Chitvan goes to jail where Pranav helps him. In the last episode, they reach their home town Manali with their parents. They find out that their parents rent their rooms to some foreigners to make money. Chanchal and Pranav makeup.

In the second season, Chandan has written a bestselling book based on their road trip. To be on another road trip, he tries to convince their siblings to go with him. Chitvan is excited about the book turned into a movie. But Chanchal is mad at Chandan. In the 2nd episode, they go on another road trip to find Chanchal's lost husband and save her from the Police. Chitvan is married and has a child. In the 3rd episode, they reach Lucknow trying to find Pranav and meet Prince Alexander played by Gajraj Rao and his bride Zainab played by Sweta Tripathi. Zainab is a fan of Chandan's writing. Chandan thinks that Zainab doesn't love the prince and asks her if she wants to leave with him. Zainab tells him that he is wrong and she is in love with the prince. In the 4th episode, they reach Kolkata to find Pranav where they meet a Detective Byomkesh Bakshi who tells them that Pranav is in Sikkim with the monks. In the last episode, they reach Sikkim and find Pranav praying to God and turning into a Monk. They realize their mistakes and leave Sikkim.