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Total Nadaniyaan Hindi tv-serials on BIG Magic

‘Total Nadaniyan’ is a series of comedy genre, as this is an era of comedy shows and serials where comedy is emerging as a very relevant genre. So the makers of this series have decided to introduce a new serial which is a continuation of ‘Uff Yeh Nadaniyan'.

As the previous show called ‘Uff Yeh Nadaniyan’ has given the audience a journey of laughter and this show ‘Total Nadaniyan' is a continued series of the previous one, therefore, it has more fun and comedy and in this laughter is added more. The audience will experience a spectacular comedy tour. In this serial, there are many characters, but the most amazing one is a pug called Pug Ghungroo.

The main roles are performed by Upasana Singh, Gaurav Sharma, Shalini Sahuta, and Abhishek Verma. Upasana Singh is a well-known actress and everyone has applauded her work in ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil'. Even she has done lots of movies. This story portraits about a Punjabi family where the story revolves around the mother ‘Tarawanti’ and her son ‘Pappu’. Pappu’ has an interest in acting and he is a teleshopping entrepreneur. He gets married to Canada return girl named ‘Jassi'. She is a simple girl who has the twin brother with the same name.

The interesting and attractive character in this serial is a pug who can talk to Pappu’ and speaks his heart out. He guides Papu in his decisions and solves his situation which is a new and innovative thing to watch. The whole story runs around the day to day lifestyle of the House members along with a touch of comedy.

About main leads Pappu’s character was played by Gaurav Sharma who is from Chandigarh and he didhis education in Army school. He has done many series like Phulwa, Mahima Shani Dev ki, Naadaaniyaan-Teen Nadaanon Ki Kahaani, Sasural Simar Kaa, Dreamgirl, Diya Aur Baati Hum. Shalini Sahuta has played the character of Jassi. She has done many commercial ads and seen in Ganga Ki Dheej series. She was even seen in Salman Khan's film Ready.

Another Version...

Total Nadaniyaan is an Indian television series based on comedy. This television show had been airing on the channel Big Magic for about three seasons so far. Reliance Broadcast Network introduced the first season of this show as an adaptation of the Pakistani sitcom called “Nadaniyaan”. The first season even had the same name as the Pakistani serial. The second season came out with a different title called “Uff! Yeh Nadaniyaan”. From season 3 and onwards the show’s name was permanently changed to “Total Nadaniyaan”.

Following the trend of Big Magic’s parade of only comedy serials, another enthralling comedy-drama was introduced and added to their list of on-screen successful comedy series. The story of this serial is set with a theme of a Punjabi family, though the shooting took place only in Delhi. The main characters around whom the entire plot of this comedy show had been based are Tarawanti, her sons, an actor, and a married couple.

In the story, Tarawanti is a righteous symbol of mother. Her younger son’s name is Pappu, in the entire run of the story. And her elder son’s name is Nandu. The couple in this story includes a teleshopping businessman and his wife Jassi, who used to reside in Canada, and is a very simple-minded lady.

Eventually, in the story, another character is introduced. He is Jassi’s twin brother, and he too goes with the same name as his twin sister. One more pretty intriguing character is of Pug Ghungroo, who is, in reality, a dog. Although he can only talk to Pappu, he always speaks his mind and has to have a point of view or opinion on every situation that arises. This particular character adds freshness and distinguished uniqueness to each and every episode.

‘Shalini Sahuta’ and ‘Abhishek Verma’ made their debut as actors in the television industry through this series. Apart from these, two ‘Gaurav Sharma’ is seen portraying the role of Pappu. Other familiar faces in the serial are ‘ Iqbal Azad’, who played the role of Nandu, and ‘ Alok Nath’, who was Pappu’s and Nandu’s father. The magnificent character of Tarawanti was played by ‘Upasana Singh’, and the character of Chandu was played by ' Samiksha Bhatt'.

The story was and scripted by 'Aditya Sinha', who excelled at making each of the plot points in the story brush with laughter. This television serial had been produced under the banner of Creative Eye Productions, solely looked after by ‘ Dheeraj Kumar’.

Another version of this serial:

Away from the prevalent ‘saas-bahu’ drama themes that have been taking Indian television by a storm for the past few years, the people at Reliance broadcast network have decided to treat the audience with a comedy set up which will be rolling with the name of ‘Total Naadaniyan’. This show is the immediate successor of an already loved series- ‘Uff! Ye Nadaniyaan’. This out of the box story revolves around a family based in a town of Punjab, with the head being Ms Tarawanti, the epitome of an ideal ‘Bhartiya maa’. She has two sons, with the elder one’s name being Nandu and the younger one going by the name Pappu. There is an actor, and the series also introduces to the audience a couple where the husband handles a business related to teleshopping, and the wife, known as Jassi, is a simple and sweet hearted woman hailing from Canada.

Jassi’s twin brother, who quirkily shares her name, is also involved in the story gradually. However, keeping them all at bay, the show’s biggest attraction is a pug! (This breed of dogs has indeed won a million hearts, thanks to the Vodafone advertisements and well, now this TV series!) The Pug is called Pug Ghungroo. A unique feature that this dog brings with him is his ability to talk! However, there is a twist. Although the pug offers insights and his piece of mind on almost every situation that takes place, his words can only be heard by Pappu! This slightly unconventionaltheme makes this show different from both its contemporaries as well as predecessors.

The cast included loved faces like Upasana Singh who appeared in Son Pari and Comedy Nights with Kapil; Gaurav Sharma who won several hearts with his roles in various TV series like Mahima Shani Dev Ki, Dream Girl, Sasural Simar Ka and Diya Aur Bati Ham; and Alok Nath who played the part of ‘dad’ to several characters both on big screen and small screen. It also includes new talents like Jay Pathak who portrayed a stunning character in Bollywood Hero; Samiksha Bhatt who gave great performances in Sankat Mochan Hanuman and Ballad of Rustom; Shalini Sahuta who bagged characters in Ready, Ganga Kii

Dheej and various advertisements; and Abhishek Verma who debuted with Million Dollar Girl and also starred in Badi Dooooor Se Aaye Hain. Bhupesh K. Kumar directed the show, Aditya Sinha scripted it and the banner Creative Eye Productions produced it.