Hindi Tv Serial Tanhaiyan

Tanhaiyan Hindi TV SERIALS on YouTube Channel

Tanhaiyan is a romantic television series that aired on the Hotstar channel. The show was the latest of the new television shows that aired directly on the website rather than on television. Since then, the show has been called a web series. The show was released on 14 February 2017 with all the ten episodes simultaneously to encourage people to binge watch them together. The show’s producers were 4 Lion Films and it was distributed by Star India. The director of the show was Gorky M while the story was provided by Gul Khan.

The show starred young actors like Barun Sobti, Surbhi Jyoti, Priya Tandon and Mohit Abrol. The show was a classic romantic television show. The story starts at the wedding of Siddarth, played by Mohit Abrol and Avantika, played by PriyaTandon. Both of them have their respective best friends Haider and Meera, played by Barun and Surbhi. Haider is a typical Casanova who charms girls with his personality while Meera is a strong willed and carefree girl. Though unknown to each other, they both share similar pain from their pasts.

They both first meet each other at Siddarth and Avantika’s wedding. Both of them are playful with each other and have plenty of flirtatious conversations. Meanwhile, Meera’s friend Tanya knows of her pain and asks her to open up to her. However, Meera refuses, and in an attempt to prove that she is completely fine, she gets drunk and decides to have a one night stand with Haider. Haider refuses due to Meera’s inebriated state. However, after failed attempts, they finally get together which turns out to be the best night ever for them.

Haider falls in love with her and tries to find out if Meera feels the same way. However, she stops Haider’s attempts by calling their one night stand a casual sexual encounter for her. Meera finally confesses her feelings and they start dating. It is during their relationship that Haider gets to know the reason for Meera’s attitude – her parents’ untimely death. Haider also finds it difficult to move past the death of his best friend, Raza and this starts a fight between the two. Meera decides to stay away from Haider and shifts to New York.

Haider makes Meera stay by confessing his love for her. The couple also counsel Siddarth and Avantika after it is revealed that Avantika had sex with Siddarth’s best friend. However, their relationship does not last long as Haider gets to know about Meera’s earrings which belonged to Raza. He incorrectly assumes that Raza was in love with Meera and again decides to break up. Meera engrosses herself with designing, and Haider moves to London. She goes to Haider’s home and goes to the pool where they first met. As she reminisces about her past, Haider appears and apologizes to her and the couple clear their misunderstandings and live happily together.