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Other names of Asmit Kaushik: Ashmit Kaushik
Hindi Tv Actor Asmit Kaushik
  • Gender : Male
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Asmit Kaushik is an Indian television actor who is best known for his role in Sahara One’s thriller, Kaisi Laagi Lagan Kaisi Laagi Lagan was a television series which wa >> Read More... , which later changed its name to Shubh Kadam Shubh Kadam was an Indian television horror serial >> Read More... . He has studied law, but his passion has always been acting. Asmit is also a good singer and is addicted to sports such as cricket and football.
He is the lead character in Kaisi Laagi Lagan and he plays a sophisticated, but adventurous, gentleman called Raghav. His character is suddenly thrust into a world where supernatural forces are very powerful and are messing with his life. He later generated a bit of controversy when he did the towel dance from Saawariya (originally by Shahid Kapoor Shahid Kapoor also identifies as the name Shahid K >> Read More... ) in the serial.
The actor has not been very active on television after he was replaced by newcomer Pratik Shukla on Shubh Kadam. Asmit was replaced because he looked a too young compared to his partner Mahii Vij and did not look like a married person. His acting skills were also being called under question.
Kaisi Laagi Lagaan was his big break, and losing it must have been a big blow to him. The serial also used its then ongoing theme of the significance of the number eleven when Asmit was replaced on the eleventh of February in 2009.

Another Version...

Asmit Kaushik is an actor in the Indian Television Industry. He was born in Kashmir, and he later shifted to Mumbai to pursue his education and career where he was brought up for the most of his life.

Asmit never had planned to do acting as he thought his parents would never be very supportive and because he had no connections as such to enter the industry. He was pursuing Law from Mumbai's Mithibai College. He claims that he never wanted to do Law either and did it only because his father wanted him to do it after his graduation. Asmit, however, participated in a talent hunt show in which he came out to be a runner-up after which he acquired a lot of confidence in himself. It was after this competition that he received professional training in the field of acting in the institution of Anupam Kher’s acting Academy. It was here that he gained more knowledge and confidence about his skills and capabilities of acting.

Asmit was suggesting and motivating his friend to give an audition for a show that was being held and was coaxed by his friend into giving one himself. It is here that he got selected for a role; however, his friend couldn't make it through. He confesses that he owes a lot to this friend of his and would work hard to get him through into the industry too.
Asmit claims himself to be very superstitious and not at all a believer of sheer logic. The reasoning for him came after he had done a role which required him to think reasonably and logically. He was more into superstition as he believed in the presence of God and also supernatural powers like spirits and ghosts. He is a very loving and nurturing kind of a person when it comes to personal relationships.

Asmit made his debut in television through a serial that used to air in Sahara One named ‘Aisi Lagi Lagan.' 


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