Hindi Tv Serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Hindi TV SERIALS on Colors TV

Shakthi—Astitva Ka Ehsaas Ki is a drama show in Hindi, which premiered in June 2016 on Colors TV, and is aired from Monday to Friday. Rashmi Sharma who is the owner of Rashmi Sharma Telefilms Limited is the producer of the show. She is also the writer of the show. It has been shot in Mumbai and has a runtime of approximately twenty-two minutes. Soumya and Surbhi ( Rubina Dilaik and Roshni Sahota) are two sisters and also the protagonists of the show. Surbhi is liked by everyone, especially by her father and grandmother. Soumya on theother hand is hated by her grandmother and father. Her only support is her mother, who completely adores her. Surbhi is an adventurous girl who likes to take risks, whereas Soumya is a silent and calm girl. Harman ( Vivian Dsena) is a young man who keeps getting trouble with the local goons. One day, while he was trying to lose the chasing flock of goons, he breaks into Soumya’s room and she starts having feelings for him. After learning that Surbhi hates him and has called the thugs for him, he plans to abduct her. It was dark, and by mistake, he abducts Soumya.

Realising his mistake, he soon releases her. The villagers are angry, and they start accusing Soumya of sleeping with Harman. Harman’s father is a well-reputed man in the village and in order to save his reputation, he orders Harman to marry Soumya. Harak Singh ( Sudesh Berry), Harman’s father, informs the villagers that his son will marry Soumya in a temple with all the rituals being performed in front of them. Soumya’s mother is shocked to find her daughter married to a miscreant. Harman’s mom and Soumya’s family do all they could do to prevent the marriage. Her grandmother tries to kill her by poisoning her drink but luckily she survives. Later, her father puts a snake on her bed, but her sister manages to replace it with a bracelet. Love starts to blossom between the two newly-weds with each of them starting to call each other nicknames. Soumya has a little secret which is only known to her parents. Harman finds out about it and becomes angry. Nimmi begs him to keep his mouth shut. Soumya tries to commit suicide, but Harman saves her at the last minute. Slowly they start becoming better friends.

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It is an Indian drama TV serial produced and written by Rashmi Sharma. It airs on Colors TV during weekdays. Among the whole cast, the main role is played by Rubina Malik as main female lead and Vivian Dsena as main male lead. The story revolves between Soumya played by Rubina Malik and Harman played by Vivian Dsena. Soumya has a sister named Surbhi played by Roshni Sahota. Soumya’s family members include her mother named Nimmi Kaur played by Reena Kapoor, her father named Maninder Singh played by Ayub Khan and her grandmother. Soumya is not adored by her father and grandmother but she is incredibly loved by her mother while her sister Surbhi is loved by everyone in the family. Surbhi is a mischievous, naughty, fun loving girl while Soumya is totally opposite to her sister she is a calm and quiet girl.

One day running from goons Harman enters into Soumya’s house and he falls in love with the simplicity of Soumya. When Harman came to know that the goons are called by Surbhi he plans to kidnap her but by mistake kidnaps Soumya. He releases Soumya the very next day but as usual, the villager blames Soumya and insults her because they thought that Soumya sleeps with Harman. When Harman’s father came to know about all this so to avoid the insult of both the families he asked Harman to marry Soumya and after knowing this Nimmi, Soumya’s mother gets shocked. She was afraid with the thought that what will happen if Harman came to know about the reality of Soumya. Even after many protests of Soumya’s father and her grandmother both the couple succeed in getting married.

One day before marriage Soumya’s father and grandmother tried hard to kill Soumya. After marriage suddenly one day Soumya the main lead came to know about her truth that she is a transgender and when Harman tries to be romantic with her she told the truth to him and also accepts that she love him. Harman starts to behave abnormally but after so much begging of Nimmi he does not reveals anything and Soumya and Harman become friends. Somehow Harman’s mother Preeto came to know about the truth of Soumya and sends her to transgender society. Harman and Surbhi try to find her out as they had no idea that she is in a Transgender Society and Harman realizes that he had fallen in love with Soumya. Meanwhile, Harman’s mother tries to convince Harman to marry Mahi but he refuges.

Finally, after so many hurdles Harman and Surbhi succeeded to find Soumya. They were hiding from the kinners and find out that surbhi is getting married. When they reach Soumya’s house, Soumya again got kidnapped and somehow Preeto manages to convince Harman to marry Mahi. On the day of marriage, Malika calls Herman and Harman leave his marriage and runs to find out Soumya. Soumya was sold by Ravena and to save Soumya Harman sold Surbhi and then rescued both of them while all this was occurring Nimmi Died and when Soumya, Surbhi, and Harman reaches Soumya’s house they find out this.

Soumya’s father warns Soumya not to enter in his house so Harman takes her with him. While at Harman’s house all were waiting for Harman to come back and complete his marriage with Mahi but Harman enters his home with Soumya holding her hand and Mahi breaks the marriage. All this goes on and one-day Surbhi got married to Harman just to give justice to Soumya and give the couple a baby. Harman treats Soumya as her wife.