Kanwarjit Paintal

Other names of Kanwarjit Paintal: Kanwarjit Singh Paintal
Kanwarjit Paintal Hindi Actor
Other Skills
    - Movie-Actor
Kanwarjit Paintal, started his career with comic roles and in a very short span of time he became an indispensable actor for successful films. Kanwarjit Paintal also called Paintal, belongs to a Sikh family. In showbiz he extensively worked hard and was awarded two ‘Filmfare Awards’ for “Best Performance” in Comic Role. Kanwarjit Paintal was born in Amritsar, Punjab in a talented Sikh family and was raised in Delhi by family members. Kanwarjit Paintal properly learned acting from “Film And Television Institute of India” and then came to Mumbai to start his career. His brother and son are also versatile actors. His son, ‘ Hiten Paintal Hiten Paintal was born on 19th December 1978 in Sr >> Read More... Hiten Paintal ’ performed in ‘Dil Maange More’ and ‘Bachana Ae Haseeno’. Kanwarjit Paintal, performed in hundreds of films with variety of characters. He is the first choice of producers and directors for comic role in any film. His remarkable roles are “Rattan ” in film Jawani Diwani, “Budh Anand” in the film, Satte Pe Satta, “Totaram” in the film, Jangal mein Mangal and “Champak Boomia” in film Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar. Few of Kanwarjit Paintal famous films are Roti, Cal Girl, Dil Diwana, Dulhan, Faslah, Khote Sikkay, Kora Badan, Us Paar, Jangal Mein Mangal, Piya ka Ghar, Bawarchi, Gomti ke Kinare and Jawani Diwani. He was bestowed, ‘Filmfare Award’ for “Best Performance in Comic Role” for film Bawarchi and film Chala Murari Hero Banne.